Sunday, October 01, 2006


More on the 2ND DOMINATING PERFORMANCE IN A ROW FOR UGA later this week. And yes, by typing most of that last sentence in CAPS I try to overcome my insecurities of this team. I'm still waiting for ESPN to announce that they weren't showing the real game and we actually won 44-9. Excuse me while I take 2 more Ibuprofen. Apparently slamming your head against the wall while watching UGA's offense leaves you with a headache.

ANYWHO, I just got done watching the season premier of SNL and it was...FANTASTIC. Check out a few of the skits here. Every sketch was solid and I had a few "laugh out loud" moments...which is impressive considering I was alone while watching. Sad.

Also, later this week expect a music review from our boy Michael Hammond. Michael confirmed last night that he's going to announce who he'd like to run for President in 2008. I'm not going to drop any hints...but his name rhymes with Remiko Hoodman.

I'm a football catcher.
I catch footballs.

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