Monday, October 09, 2006


Monday Morning Minute takes too long to type...try it...M...o...n...d....see? So now it's just 3Ms.

Also note - there are no pictures to accompany this post...for some reason blogger won't let me upload today.

So obviously the big thing on everyone's mind coming out of this past weekend is whether Google really is going to shell out almost 2 billion bones to acquire Youtube? I mean WOW...those two guys that started that website better take that cash and run.

Or...we could talk about the Yanks getting eliminated from the playoffs and now apparently are ready to fire Joe Torre!? Wow again. I know there is something to be said for shaking things up after a tough loss...and it was pretty shocking to see this Yankee squad go down. But firing Torre?! The guy has become a legend and I have never heard one ill word regarding how he handles the clubhouse, a roster full of prima donna veteran all-stars, and/or a meddling owner constantly second-guessing everything he does. I don't think the answer is Pinella, a fiery in your face kind of guy. Let's see how long it takes Sheffield/Giambi/etc to go to the media after the first Pinella blowup in the clubhouse. This is a bad move Georgie....get some solid starters and a reliable middle reliever...that's what will get you another Series.

Or we could talk about movies (Carrie and I saw "The Departed" yesterday)

Alright...let's stop beating around the bush, cut to the chase, clear the air, and any other cliche you can think of. The game was a nightmare. It tends to sting when you are up big, holding all the cards, and then have those cards snatched out of your hand and then beaten about the face and body with said cards. As for thoughts...I think JMac and the Realist at the Cover Two did a good job of showing both sides...the horribly disgruntled side and the optimistic side of the game.

If someone wanted my opininon regarding the QB situation I would say it's time to give Stafford the ball. He's lost his redshirt and if our senior is going to go out there and make the kind of mistakes that Richt was worried a freshman might, than why not just let that freshman learn from those mistakes? Build toward the future and give the ball to next year's QB this year.

That being said...we had a FANTASTIC time at the pre-game tailgate. So much fun in fact that the AJC deemed it worthy of front-page news. This story has caused quite a buzz...apparently all of Atlanta is now lining up and taking sides: are you with Pasqua and the Cherreshinskis (incidentally that was the name of Elvis' first band) or are you against them? Those in the anti-Pasqua camp weighed in here. As a friend of Pasqua and rabid-devourer of Cherreshinskis count me in as at least somewhat to sort of behind the Mayor. I say let's start a huge letter writing campaign to the AJC and the your support for the Mayor! Don't let these n'er-do'-wells frame the debate!

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