Monday, October 30, 2006

Quick Pop Culture Hits

50 minutes until "Heroes" so I figured I'd spat off a little pop culture to pass the time...especially since I just watched the Mark Richt Show and I still don't want to talk about GA/FL.

Has anyone seen Scorsese's Mean Streets? I watched it for the first time over the weekend as it was just one of those movies I needed to see...especially after watching The Departed. I need to talk about this movie with someone. Just not what I was expecting.

Another great episode of Saturday Night Live. Borat makes the opening introduction and he kills it...making me even more excited to see the movie. Almost all of the skits got me to laugh, especially the two gay guys from New Jersey on Weekend Update played by Hader and Armisten. One of the best musical performances on SNL in recent memory by Beck (Red Hot Chilli Peppers last year is up there too even though I'm not the biggest Chilli Peppers fan). Beck's second song was extremely creative, a mix between Beck and something you'd see done by Stomp. At one point, the crowd starting cheering because what was happening on stage was so impressive. If you've given up on this show because of the last few seasons, it's time to come back.

You know I watched the season finale of Flava of Love. That New York...what a ho. And now she's going to have her own show? I truly enjoy discovering other square white dudes like myself who are addicted to Flava Flav and his show. It's almost like finding someone else who's as big a fan of Newsies.

One of my favorite bands, Guster, announced that they're coming back to Atlanta. Please do try and attend this show with me. Feb. 17. Write it down. Last time they were in town I had to miss the show in order to take the annual trip to Chicago for some White Sox games. What a team this year's White Sox turned out to be. Ugh. Another one of my favorite bands, The Decemberists were in town this past weekend and I had to miss yet another show I was dying to see. Why? Because I wanted to travel out of town and watch a crappy team that I love. Double Ugh.

That's enough on the music scene for now. I don't want to step on the toes of our boy MT Jammo Hammond and his frequent music entries. Speaking of Michael Todd Jammbone Hammbone, a big congrats to him on passing the Bar. I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that you should go work with that law firm on Fox that has commercials that focus only on the mouth of the defense attourney.
Hey you. Yes you, Michael. It's me. The gay dude from Dawson's. We need you. I need you.

And one last sports tip. Thoroughly enjoyed the article from Bill Simmons on Red Auerbach. I guess I had no idea how much Auerbach did once he stopped coaching. Simmons is one of the few writers that can explain the emotion of an entire city when an event occurs. Granted, he only really knows about the Northeast, but I digress.


Josh said...

Every time Bill Simmons writes an article about Boston, I kill a puppy. I've killed 1,871 puppies this year alone.

K to the J said...

Look at me, I'm the king of New York! Suddenly, I'm respectable starin righ atcha lousin wit statcure....Nothing wid all the muckety mucks- I'm blowin my dough and goin deluxe...and there I be aint I pretty, It's my city...I'm the king of NEW YORK!!!

Russell said...

With these two sentences back to back:

It's almost like finding someone else who's as big a fan of Newsies.

One of my favorite bands, Guster, announced that they're coming back to Atlanta.

You're now my new favorite person. Me and Meimi have discussed our love of all things Newsies in the past. And I love the Decemberists, too. Weird.

What do you think of Guster's latest two albums compared with their first two albums?

Pasqua said...

I think Guster's latest album is great. Every band has to evolve over the years to keep things fresh and Guster has done it perfectly because they're not abandoning their old fan base that was probably interested most interested in the poppy songs like "Fa Fa".

Not only the lyrics, but the music as a whole is so much more sophisticated...which is probably a direct result of adding Joe, their 4th member. He can literally play anything and has probably influenced the other guys to expand their horizons as well.

While I love "Lost and Gone Forever" and "Keep it Together", "Ganging up on the Sun" is an awesome album in its own right and can't really be compared.

And in response to K to the J...

"Open the gates and seize the day. Don't be afraid and don't delay. Nothing can break us, noone can make us. Give our rights awayyyyyyyy. Arise and seize thheeeeee DAY (badabada bum badabada bum)."