Thursday, October 26, 2006

Friday Pick 'Em - JAX edition

Sorry to dissapoint you my literally ones of fans but this is going to be a DRAMATICALLY scaled back edition of the weekly pictures...little write up...but with all of the same wholesome picky goodness you've come to expect of Stanicek. I apologize but Jacksonville awaits goodsirs.

That being said, it was another tough week here at pick 'em clocking in at 4-5. Ahh, remember the heady days of 10-1? I think we all do.

Remember to check out Josh Massey's Picks De La NFL.

As always, Lines courtesy of Danny Sheridan (10/26) and should be relied on about as much as smoking a victory cigar in Jax...

Auburn (-17) @ Ole Miss - so I get burned GETTING 19 points with Ole Miss against Arkansas last week, now its only 17 against Auburn? Screwah yah MahCluhstah.

Miami (+6) @ Ga. Tech - Tech watches in horror as Miami players win, record impromptu rap video on the 50.

UGA (+14) vs. Florida - Dawgs win. World peace achieved. Swine takes flight. Doritos become health food.

Oklahoma State (+6 1/2) vs. Nebraska - I shall follow Josh Massey's logic.

Texas A&M (-4 1/2) @ Baylor - Franchione wins bet with Satan, soul earned back, TAMU rolls.

Texas (-11 1/2) @ Texas Tech - Somewhere Pasqua breaks framed portrait of me over his knee.

Purdue (+3 1/2) vs. Penn State - The only scary about Penn State is the alarming weakness of Paterno's bladder.

NC State (-1 1/2) @ UVA - NC State wins but when Amato screams at ref in third quarter in that "yet to hit puberty" voice of his, Dan Evans' head explodes

LOCK O' DA WEEK (Record....nevermind...alright fine...1-3):

Clemson (-4) @ Virginia Tech - Watching Spiller and Davis run last week helped me achieve Nirvana.

Season Record: 23-15

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