Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3Ms - on Tuesday

So I didn't post yesterday...still recovering from shock and absorbing as much info as was humanly possible about the game just to make myself more miserable...it worked...and now it's raining...depressing.

Anyway - I'm sure no one is looking for a recap of the game at this point - but as Jmac pointed out, the tailgate was great. We ate like kings and luckily because of Jmac and Julie's irrational fear of leftovers Carrie and I have been treated to low country boil for the last few days.

So in lieu of weekend rundown - I give you a collection of things that are on my mind as of right now:

- In case you like to obsess over incredible meaningless and trivial things (come on...try it...it's fun!) here are the absurdly early bowl projections out there for the Dawgs:

- So they pretty much run the gamut - I imagine there are also some Music City predicters out there. Point being - no one knows. But just to gauge interest - how likely is it that you go to any of the above predicted bowl games? Comment below. Right now I would put our chances at something like this:

  • Independence - 0%
  • Music City - 45-55%
  • Liberty/Peach/Outback/Cap One/BCS - 100%

- In NFL news - I propose a formal partnership with Josh and his (hopefully) now weekly NFL picks column. I don't know what this partnership will entail besides linking to the columns. However, the partnership will be far from equal as Pasqua and I will demand a weekly stipend and tribute in the form of salty snacks and a live animal sacrifice of some kind.

- Carrie and I spent last night pursuing one of our new hobbies...watching the horrifically bad made for TV movies brought to us by the good people at the Sci-Fi channel. Last night's scare-du-jour? "Chupacabra: Dark Seas" which apparently has been renamed the "Chupacabra Terror" for DVD and mass release no doubt. This little slice of movie magic starred an obviously strapped for cash or just insanely bored John Rhys-Davies and can be summed up as two hours of a man in an elaborate rubber suit jumping up and down more than Mario when you accidentally sat on your control pad. Included the obligatory WAY TOO gory kill in which a man, now severed in half, picks up his entrails in stunned disbelief of what had just occured, the quasi-hot B actress in constant peril, her hunky protector, and the sleazy low-life that provides comic relief...almost escapes and then suffers are a horrific death much to the delight of those he had annoyed (including the audience) for the first hour and a half.

Ultimately - a decent sci-fi entry but no Pterodactyl (starring Coolio) or heck...not even Frankenfish

Crash or Frankenfish? Oscar missed this one.

Until next time...good bye and mahalo from yours truly.


Josh said...

I would probably go with "Frankenfish" over "Crash." Seriously. "Crash" f'in sucked.

Anyway, the picks column is now weekly. And of course I will pay a weekly stipend, as P&S was the first blog to ever post weekly picks. I bow down to my trailblazers.

As for my odds of "going to the bowl," they're pretty much the same as yours - but Liberty is actually about 115%.

Also, the word I have to type in for "word verification" this time is "qeeaf." Gross.

Meims said...

Not surprisingly, Scott and I also watched Chupacabra this week. Apparently John Rhys-Davies made A LOT of Sci Fi movies before he it it big as Gimli. He is also in the spectacular movie Sabretooth starring our boy Josh Holloway. My favorite part was at the end with the incredibly not so special effect of the sinking cruise ship and JRD spouting off some yo ho ho captain's nonsense about from retiring from the high seas. The ending was a bit abrupt, don't you think?

Stanicek said...

Yeah - he was alarmingly unconcerned that the vast majority of his crew and an entire scout team from the US Navy was just eviscerated by a mythological blood-sucking creature....but that's John Rhys...he just don't give a sh*t.