Thursday, October 19, 2006

20th Anniversary (10/25 actually)

College football picks coming your way later on today or this evening. Hold onto your horses...this one's going to be a doozy (no particular reason it'll be a doozy...I just feel the need to doozify mine).

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you all one of the most ironic stories I've read in a while which makes me filled with glee this morning. I've hated the Cubs as long as I can remember. The arrogant fans who have never won anything but still made you feel like a second class citizen, the ballpark which is actually a slice of Hell, all the press they got since they were owned by the newspaper, etc. I don't think too many people understand the true hatred between White Sox and Cubs's much deeper than Mets/Yanks or any of the California teams. Check out this or this or this or this (my personal favorite that summarizes every reason I hate the Cubs that was written during the Cubs playoff run in '03 by a White Sox fan) to further explain.

While I don't believe in curses, stories like this new one about Buckner and Bartman sure do make me smile. I pray to the Baseball Gods that the Cubs never experience the sweet sweet nectar that is a World Championship. Cry on Cubs fans...and feel free to keep blaming other factors than 2 pansy pitchers, a horrible front office, and zero bullpen as to why you didn't win this year or next. Pinella has no clue what he's getting into.

"what do you think the cubs are doing right now!!!"


Josh said...

Ah, finally - I know immediately who the writer is. Most of the time, I have to ask "Now which was is Pasqua and which one...," but this one makes it crystal clear. Good post, Tim.

Jmac said...

Curse? Who is this 'Bill Buckner' you speak of?

All I remember is the sweet bliss that is 2004.