Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hump Day thoughts

So, I'm still not that "good" at posting pictures and writing all around them so forgive me if this blog doesn't look too "pretty".

Anyone else out there starting to get nervous about the game this weekend? Yesterday it was announced that JTIII is the QB to lead us against the Vols. Can someone tell me how I'm supposed to feel about this? I'm pretty sure that song is appropriate in this instance. If you told me that an injured JTIII was going to be our QB going into the UT game and he has 1 win total for his career, I'd be about as calm as I am right now.

Does it get under anyone else's skin when they hear the "compliment" for JTIII that he's "A Damn Good Dawg". That compliment is always reserved for walk-ons, guys who stick around their entire career and never complain that they sit on the bench (Albert Hollis III), and guys who have close to close to zero talent (I think this is the one that applies for our quarterback). I don't want a Damn Good Dawg as our leader...I want a guy who doesn't care too much about UGA but it uber-talented, might pistol whip a ref during the game, or will kill a goat if he thinks it'll give him an advantage on the field.

Please, someone cuddle with me and tell me everything's going to be alright. Or, if you're not certain everything's going to be alright, just cuddle with me. For once, this is the first game where I think we could win by 2 touchdowns or lose by three touchdowns. One thing is certain, however, this guy, this guy, this guy, and this guy better bring that A-Game on Saturday or else me and Stanicek will finally get to use our new religion.


Brad said...

On a completely different note - has anyone heard about this whole wearing black to saturday's game? It's been circulating on facebook (yes...i'm on facebook, shut up about it, will ya?). anyway, they even made a group on there called "Black Out Saturday" that has 2800 members, so might be quite a lot people participating, so I think I will too.

Stanicek said...

Blackouts are for South Carolina and people named Brad...I assume that is you Fryman...if not welcome to our blog Brad, enjoy your stay!