Monday, October 09, 2006

My 15 minutes

I was just informed 640 AM in Atlanta was discussing the article and were questioning "if Matt Tovrog is insane for drinking grain alcohol 10 hours before kickoff." Hmmm...maybe they have a point. But, if I'm nuts...we're all nuts.

If you haven't seen the story, check it out here. My sincere apologies to anyone who talked to Kessler at the tailgate and didn't get mentioned.

That's all for now...I think Stanicek is about to post something fresh and hip any minute now.


Causey said...

#1 Who listens to 640AM?


#2 It's a better 15 Minutes than your brief stint as the Sausage King of Athens-Clarke County.

Anyway, congrats on getting a non-mugshot picture in the paper.

Pasqua said...

Thanks Adam. You're completely right and I think my reputation as the guy who moons people or MAY have "distributed" sausage all over the bathroom floor has been replaced.

Long live Cherrishinski's and down with Tereshinski!!!