Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A few thoughts for Wednesday....

  • I would certainly recommend a trip to the theater to see "The Departed". Not quite the tour-de-force "better than 'Goodfellas'" experience that some are touting but still a worthy addition to Scorsese's catalogue.
  • I am sitting at Walker's drinking some coffee here in beautiful downtown Athens while typing this and there are four people at two separate tables sitting group has smoked continuously for almost 40 minutes. Finish one, immediately light another, finish one, light another, rinse, repeat. Needless to say their skin has the tone and texture of the canvas bag Jimmy "Corncob" Atkins, the longest serving rider on the Pony Express, used to deliver parcels to frontiersman. At the other table, two late twenty somethings sucking down multiple 9:45am on a Wednesday. Ludicrous right...alcohol in the morning....freaks. Maybe they're tailgating for tonight's Tchaikovsky performance by UGA's ballet troupe.

WOO-HOO! F 'em up! Land that grand jete!

  • I'm going to throw this out there....the "Friday Night Lights" TV show isn't as bad as I thought, in fact I kind of like it. It isn't as "Varsity Blues"-y as I feared it would be. That's not saying it couldn't go that direction in later episodes and we watch in horror as the series descends into the cheese-filled cesspool from which James Van Der Beek emerged. Speaking of...that's one guy I hope I never see again...if he could just convince Josh Hartnett and Katie Holmes to join him on the isolated commune where he now grows organic turnips and knits hemp socks, my triumvirate of hated Hollywood actors would be purged for good.

Who needs sleeping pills? Just play a tape of Katie Holmes delivering lines in "Batman Begins"...insomnia cured.

  • Vandy comes to town this weekend. Cherish these games friends...we only have three home tailgates left...they go by so fast.
  • Speaking of the foosball - I was having this conversation with Pasqua yesterday...where are your top 3 desired bowl destinations this year (outside BCS bowls, of course...they would be on top)? I bring it up only because I really don't want to go to the Peach Bowl. The whole fun of going to a bowl is the road trip, the experience...and an hour drive to Atlanta just doesn't qualify, especially considering that's where we were last year. I was thinking...
  • #1 Orlando (big game, free happy hour at Embassy Suites, and we can try and convince Disney characters to join us in Tent City
  • #2 Tampa (horse races...decent, easily accesible bars...and horse races)
  • and finally...this is tough...Dallas would be fun but faaaaar. Almost would be too far to drive and hence maybe impossible to make. So what about Memphis? I know it's the fricking Liberty Bowl...but it would also mean TWO trips in one year to Tunica. Toss up. Thoughts?


Meims said...

1. As a 10 year veteran of strict ballet lessons during my childhood, I am really impressed that you threw out the term "grand jete." But I think Vandy's fouettes leave much to be desired.

2. How dare you criticize The Beek.

3. I am gunning for Dallas. I think we should rent a giant 15 passenger van for the road trip of a LIFETIME.

Josh said...

Ok, for a second there, I really was about to rip your head off for the Liberty Bowl suggestion - but, oh yes, you're right. Tunica IS so close.

As for "Varsity Blues," I own it on DVD, and will play it whenever I want to get pumped up to the tunes of Collective Soul and Jon Voight. Which is often, actually.

And yes, "The Departed" was very good, but these "better than 'Goodfellas'" screamers are damn near retarded.

Josh said...

Oh, and of course, I'm not entirely sure we'll be bowl eligible.