Thursday, September 20, 2007


So the Pennant Race is HEATING UP! Who would have thunk it would be this good a few weeks ago. So quickly here's how it will shakedown, methinks:

AL East
1) Yankees
WC) Red Sox

-Of course this is the fan in me - I am praying ever dang night that the Red Sox lose this division...why? Because I hate the Red Sox and yes I know it will cause more whining Red Sox fans to pipe up and say they are cursed again but you know what, I'm fine with that as long as they are all in agony and know that I am laughing at them. I'll deal with their incessant whining when all of us are sitting at home watching the World Series together.

AL Central
1) Indians

-A no brainer. Tigers are kaput.

AL West
1) Angels


NL East
1) Mets

- As bad as it looked yesterday at this time - a win last night and a loss by the Phils went MILES towards getting them the division crown. Now they're up 2 1/2 with 10 to play - they'll win enough to get the job done and the Phils are goin' home.

NL Central
1) Cubs

- I would love, LOVE for the Brewers to win's my attachment to hard-luck franchises I guess...but now that Sheets is gimpy there is no way even Prince Fielder can carry a team throwing Suppan, Bush, Capuano, Vargas, Gallardo (even though he's been pretty dang good) and whoever else they find in the scrap heap.'s the pitching of Ted Lilly and Jason Marquis that pull the Cubs through.

NL West
1) Padres
WC) D-Backs

- Padres are ONNN FIRE! Hell, even Bret Tomko is pitching well for them...BRET TOMKO! And if you've played fantasy baseball and been seduced by the Tomko siren song - you know how astounding that is. The young, upstart D-backs fade.

Believe me...

To be an O's fan is the worst...OK, maybe they are in the same boat as the Pirates, Royals, D-Rays, et al...but definitely worse than the Red Sox, Mariners, Yankees, Braves, etc.

Pasqua sends along this killer article highlighting the issue - you be the judge.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eat less meat - save the world...

I'm sold. I already eat at the Grit once a I will only meat when called for at UGA tailgates as feast upon the mascots of our soon to be vanquished foes.

And in no way did I post this just to make some of those that I tailgate with angry.

Remember to recycle!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So true....

This is an interesting, if a little obvious, story.

Sure there were money issues but Scheurholz always seems to make things works when he wants to make them work and he just didn't seem to want to go the distance to make sure Tommy stayed around to finish his career with the Braves. The thing was - Glavine wasn't asking for a ridiculous salary when free agency rolled around a few years ago - less than what Smoltz had already signed for....but the Braves backed down, the Mets took over, and the pennants stopped being hung at Turner. Definitely one of the few huge mistakes Scheurholz has made during his tenure in Atlanta.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Podcast and such...

Here's the new podcast...ruminations on Red Dawn, Robocop and some shocking secrets about Tent City residents!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Athens Local Commercials...Learn 'em, Love 'em...

Thanks to Athens World for spurring this little post....I have to hand it to the local merchants here in town...they put out some freaky little commercials. From the hilarious to the hilariously awful, my heart always leaps with excitement when I sense one of these bad boys coming on. Sadly, many of the best have not been posted on the YouTube, but below I've assembled all that I could find. If only the, I'm sure, techno-savvy folks at Alewine Salvage and Wrecking would post their "Junk Monkey" a twist ending that not even Shyamalan could have seen coming.

[One more notable omission - the junkie ad for Musician's warehouse ("he got hooked on the son's a discount junkie!!") - I love the acting in that spot - ten times more convincing than anything Josh Hartnett has done]

1) Music Exchange - this is the new spot, unfortunately the old spot with the cartoon band playing the ad out has been dispensed with...fortunately the timeless jingle remains.

2) Uncle Otto's (Formerly Achim's K-Bob) - Classic song, classic style. I dare you to get this jingle out of your head.

3) Vision Video - good quality - stirring narrative - happy ending - I'm not ashamed to admit I cried for several hours after this was through.

4) Club Oasis - have to admit I have never seen this ad nor heard of the establishment but good lord...did you see the cash that kid is flashing? AND it's named after a favorite band of mine (it is named in loving tribute of the Brothers Gallagher correct?)!

5) Krystal - doesn't technically count as a local commercial but still - you have to respect Krystal going for the not-at-all subtle lesbian crack at the opening. And as an interesting sidebar - I was asked to be in one of these commercials during filming last year and flat-out rejected those SOBs because I can't think of many things more repellent than the menu offerings at Krystal.

And finally....

An REM video - just because it was lumped in with all the other Athens commercials when I did the search and when presented with a kickass REM video you always got to play it.

Maaaybeee...I'll give Bill Simmons another chance...

Nah. Not after his senseless, pointless, ridiculous column about Cal Ripken. But still...I suspended my lifetime ban of all things Simmons-related after spotting "Red Sox" and "bandwagon" in the headlines of one of articles...too perfect to pass up and maybe he admits, as I've been claiming for the past 5 years (even BEFORE was only a matter of time before the Red Sox won a World Series) that it was pointless for Red Sox fans to hate the Yankees because they ARE the Yankees...and lo and behold, he did not dissapoint:

"...we've kinda sorta maybe turned into the Yankees. Like them, we spend more money than everyone else. Like them, we make expensive roster mistakes (Drew, Lugo, Matt Clement, Edgar RenterĂ­a, et al.) without any repercussions. Like them, we're detested by opposing fans because we invade their stadiums and taunt their teams. And like them, we're sucking in all the soulless bandwagon kids who pick their favorite teams in first grade based on winning percentages and superstars."

Ahhh...sweet vindication. The mouthpiece of the Red Sox nation freely admits they are the Yankees. I am at peace once more.

Now you'll excuse me if I go see how the Orioles will humiliate themselves today...I don't know maybe B-Rob, Tejada, Millar, Hernandez and Mora all collide on a pop-up knocking them all unconcious forcing Garrett Olson, Brian Burres, or whatever other horrific starter they have throwing tonight to chase the runner all the way around the bases in Keystone Cop fashion ultimately resulting in baseball's first infield inside the park homerun.