Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Long Live Cherrishinski's...and other UGA news

Rivals.com has reported that Conrad Obi de-committed from UGA last week and is opening the process back up. We're going to be a little thin at linebacker next year but with the likes of Dewberry and both Akeems, I say piss off Mr. Conrad. If you don't know that UGA is where you need to be, then I say leave. Unless you re-commit...then we'll gladly take you back. But, for now...SCRAM!!! Unless you're ready to come back.

Huge news for 2008!!! We recieved our second recruit for 2008. If this article describing A.J. Green's talent doesn't get you fired up and want to skip the next 20 months...well...than you just don't bleed red and black like me.

NOW, probably what we've all been waiting for. With the outbreak of freaks looking for ANYTHING to blame Saturday night's loss on, I have to say this...HAHAHAHAHA. The smell of jealousy is more pungent than a whiff of my breath after a spoon full of Cherrishinski juice. Why Cherrishinski juice? Because we ran out of Cherrishinski's...THAT'S how popular they are. A tailgate without Cherrishinski's is like having a tailgate without beer. What's the point? So if you want to continue to pin the blame on me and my Tent City friends, go ahead...see what I care. Hell, you can even stop by Tent City on Saturdays if you desire...I'm sure you'd like to take a break from your 2 chair, 1 cooler tailgate.

My thanks to Josh, Dave, Stanicek, JMac, and everyone else from the TC crew. And another special thanks to Mr. Kessler for taking the time to cover the Athens tailagting in the fall.

Oh Cherrishinski, I love you. I'll see you Saturday baby.


Meimi said...

I believe the correct term for it is "Cherrishinski sauce." Calling it a mere juice would not do the remains justice. As in, "Matt's tongue was so red it looked like it had been basted in Cherrishinski sauce for about 12 hours."

Doug said...

I was looking through your blog and found this in the October 1 post immediately following Georgia's win over Ole Miss:

I'm still waiting for ESPN to announce that they weren't showing the real game and we actually won 44-9. Excuse me while I take 2 more Ibuprofen.

What was the margin by which Tennessee outscored us after we went up 24-7 on Saturday night?


The numbers don't lie. Between your cursed numerology and your tainted maraschinos, you are DEATH! to this team!

I'm only kidding of course. Thanks for the link.

(a friend of Josh and Dave's)