Friday, October 06, 2006

Pasqua's picks pickled peppers. (That's what I would talk if I got the lead role in "P for Pendetta"

Hey Hey Hey everybody!!!

True story: I was about 3/4 of the way done with this blog entry AAAAANNNNDDDD...power goes out. Pasqua loses everything. DRATS!!!

So, I'm starting from scratch and you'll have to excuse me if the explanations for my picks are a bit brief. Especially after I just found out that Coutu is not only gone for Saturday...he's gone for the season. What a 55 yard kick to the stomach.

Sooooo, on with the picks. We're doing this week's college action 1/2 and 1/2 style (just like I like my creamer. Coincidence or horrible analogy? You decide). My winning picks are listed in CAPS BOLD.

LSU + 1.5 at Florida
Hmmm. LSU is already in CAPS. Double drats. Anyways, this game reminds me of "The Outsiders". UF plays the role of the socials, what with Urban Meyer, Chris Leak and that pretty boy Tim Tebow. They keep picking on teams with less talent and are due for a beating. Man, I hope it rains in this game just like rumble in the movie...that would be scary ironic. Throw in the fact that we're all going to be rooting for LSU at our tailgate and I take the Greasers getting a point and a half.

Geaux Tigers
Win one for Pony Boy

ILLINOIS + 7.5 at Indiana
Da Da DAAA PU-LINI as my buddy Nick calls them. They manhandled Michigan State last week and if there's one thing we've learned about Illinois football it's this: Never EVER hop off the Illini train when it starts-a-chuggin. Oh, and never EVER bet against a freshman QB named "Juice". The Zooker is back BABY, and he's bringing some extra "Zook sauce" to these Hoosiers...or, as my girlfriend calls them "Who-see-iers" (she was looking through my movie collection and goes "What's Whoo-see-iers". So, we watched it and she was asleep after 20 minutes. God love her.)

Navy + 2.5 at AIR FORCE
Planes beat boats any day. Fly Air Force, Fly!!! (see what I meant about the shorter picks. You didn't believe me...but I don't care. I don't.)

WEST VIRGINIA -20.5 at Mississippi State
This West Virginia team might be the truth. Too bad we've never seen them play in person. Shhe shh. NEVER. How many more 3 and outs does Slyvester Croom need to put together before he gets the boot? Watching Croom's offense is like listening to my buddy Coach Craft talk about the top high school guards in the Northern half of Cobb County.

MSU alum after another
3 and out

Oklahoma + 4 at TEXAS
It's the 1 year anniversary tomorrow of this article. So, because of that (and that alone), I'm going with Texas. Reason being is 3 fold: 1. John's our friend. 2. He's from Texas. 3. He mentions a "Craft" in the article...and I like Craft.

MICHIGAN STATE +15.5 at Michigan
You have to hand it to Michigan State only losing by 4 to Illinois on the road. They've seen the best the Big 10 has to offer and now they're going to bring it to Michigan.

SOUTH CAROLINA -4.5 at Kentucky
Ummmm....are we forgetting that South Carolina won this game 44-16 last year? And Syvelle Newton at quarterback brings an added dimension to the "Cock and Fire" attack. They're coming off a game against Auburn that they could've won so SC has everything going for them coming into this game. BLLLLECKKK, that sounded like some actual analysis of this game. Here, this'll relieve the boredom.

We interrupt these picks to let you know that Lindsey just scored 2 FREE TICKETS FOR TOMORROW!!!

Back to the picks.

Missouri +5 at TEXAS TECH
I just scored free tickets...and Texas Tech scores a lot.

And it comes to this. The pick of all picks.

Tennessee +2.5 at UGA
Am I making this pick with my heart and not my head? Maybe. Should I be worried about UGA's woes these past few games and the fact that we're losing our All American kicker? Absolutely. Had I not read the following write-up from a distinguished alumnus I probably would be taking UT. The alumni knows a guy from the Athens Banner Herald and this is what the ABH dude had to say

My buddy at the Athens Banner Herald has been hanging around the team and in the weight room all year, but a lot this past week. While he was there, like most Dawgs, he couldn't resist and got there in time to watch the football team work out. He told me that there were a lot of guys present(didn't notice anyone that was not there, if that makes sense) and that they were working out to 5 different, equally excruciating versions of Rocky top. He said in his opinion that the level of focus on the task at hand and intensity is at a level it hasn't been since he has been working his job just under a year, but working as journalist involved with UGA football since 04.

Told me Joe T3 is heavily wrapped, but he has appeared ok, and will be the starter of course, and that there seems to be a confidence in the offense again, he said the new-found confidence being tied to the starting qb would not be completely accurate from his point of view. He said that he expects to see plenty of Stafford no matter what and this got me very fired up...

Two guys have been staying together to work by themselves for at least an hour after practice so far this week. Matt Stafford and Mo Massaquoi. He said that the feeling he got in the weight room was that of being in a room full of pi$$ed of Dawgs, literally. He said that their is a quiet belief we could really pull off something to rearrange the expectations for this team in a major way. He said he is getting the feeling that the team thinks they could pull off their best home display since LSU 04. That is the goal at least.

So there you have it. I'll see everyone tomorrow. always...



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