Thursday, October 26, 2006

Podcast 7: Podcast in Space

A few things:

  • Here it is...35 minutes of auditory heaven...the Cover Two Podcast (though I do feel that since I haven't missed a session since Podcast One it should be the Cover Two/Pasqua and Stanicek Podcast...though that is wordy, so how about the Pasqua and Stanicek Podcast? PERFECT!).
  • I felt I needed to set the record straight on SNL - I have (as has my wife....Wifeicek) called for a complete overhaul of the cast and writing team. Apparently Pasqua and I have different thoughts on what constitutes an "overhaul". Ditching three cast members (who were incidentally some of the strongest on the show, Chris Parnell anyone?) PURELY for cost-cutting reasons and losing your headwriter so she can pursue sitcom opportunities does not an overhaul make. I am talking about a full scale, complete, utter, atom-bomb reorganizing of the show a la 1995-1996. That year they dumped every cast member (except for Tim Meadows) and completely overhauled the writing staff. So I humbly propose that after this C- season mercifully concludes that SNL dump EVERY SINGLE castmember (except Bill Hader), dump EVERY writer...pray to the Gods that Adam McKay returns as head writer (shades of "Studio 60"?) and all becomes right with the world again.
  • Look for a very brief edition of the Friday Pick 'Em later today - why brief? Cause it be Jacksonville time babbbbeeeee!
  • Read a story about a Fantasy Congress league yesterday where you draft Congressmen and earn points if they successfully move legislation that they propose/sponsor through Congress and eventually to the President's desk. I thought - "Finally a fantasy league that might actually be of use to me" - so I started a league....if you are interested go to this site: , get a login ID - go to "join league" - type in my league name: Yo Bama and the password: kennedy and you are on your way.

1 comment:

adam said...

Great. Now everybody is going to want to do Fantasy Congress.

SNL sucks now and has for a long time. It pains me to say that. Although I enjoy the Samdberg (?) fellow and the Natalie Portman rap.

Natalie, you are a bad ass bitch.
And I always pay for your dry cleanin
when my shitt gets in your shoe.
As for the drug use,
well I can vouch for that.
My dick is scared of you girl