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Provactive Questions for MLB 2007: Episode I

In the first of a series of hard-hitting, pulse pounding, goat-getting questions to usher long last...the 2007 MLB season we ask today: “Is Turner Field a generic misfire, a castaway, the red-headed step child of this era’s new stadiums or is it ok?”

This began as an innocent email interchange between Pasqua and I regarding what to name the trophy cup for our fantasy baseball league. Pasqua brilliantly suggested the Lemke Cup after former super-stud Atlanta Braves second baseman Marcus Ignatius Octavius Lemke. What followed was a bloody, rude, crude, sometimes fruit-filled debate about the pros and cons of one Turner Field...
Wait...which stadium is this again? Oh yeah, the Braves...thank God for that logo in centerfield otherwise I would have said Cincinnatti.

Pasqua: You're welcome for the Lemke Cup. Maybe we can bring it to a Braves game and have that short fuc* sign it.

Oh Mark I shall drink frosty brews out of the cup named in your honor at this year's draft

Stanicek: Yeah right - like those "fan friendly" wonks at Turner would let you bring something like that into the stadium. I had to get a full body cavity search and an implanted electro shock chip just to bring in a pen and ask for autographs.
Pasqua: You're an idiot…I love Turner more than a warm crescent roll during a bubble bath with someone’s Grandma. Weird I know.
Stanicek: We'll just have to throw Turner into the "Scrubs" pile of things we will never agree on - I don't like it because of the militant anti-fan atmosphere and lack of any defining or charming characteristics (other than "Its got lots of TVs" and "Its got a HUGE TV!" and "Hey look at that TV") and you like it because you are an Atlanta apologist. So agree to disagree.
You have to question Pasqua's taste cause he doesn't like this either

Pasqua: Yes, you're correct. Turner sure does blow because of how fan friendly it is for kids (I dred the day I have to take my kid to Turner…), and how about those walkways? They're so spacious you don't have to rub up against a 400lb man to get around. How ridiculous is that? Oye vay, and Turner certainly has jacked up ticket prices. I mean $1 seats!!! What kind of lunacy is that???
Stanicek: So the things going for Turner are 1) all the other things to do besides watch baseball and 2) there's lots of room in the walkways. Not exactly glowing reviews. I look for that authentic baseball vibe in a ballpark...sitting down and knowing what stadium and city you are in immediately, the character, the uniqueness...that's what sets great stadiums apart. In Turner there's nothing. No view of the skyline, no distinct features, it is drab and lifeless. Not to mention that they will saw off your hand if you try to get an autograph, watch the starters warm up in the bullpen or take a picture two hours before the game when there are a grand total of 300 people in the entire stadium. As for my kids - there is no way I'm taking them to some arcade in the bowels of the stadium during the game - we will be there to watch baseball.
Pasqua: My kids will be there to watch baseball as well homie. The fact that the tickets are affordable, they offer great discounts for tickets, and there really isn't a bad seat in the house gives Turner a great advantage. You're straight up and down 100% without a doubt completely disastrously wrong about the skyline not being visible from Turner. Sure, it's a horrendous and hideous skyline…but it's there. I also love the bars in the stadium that allow you to stand with a brew in hand and with a huge group of friends. Both of the outdoor bars give you a great view of the field. Give me a distinct feature of LA's stadium? I actually consider the Chophouse and Top of the Chop a distinct feature. If you want to drink with friends at US Cellular, you have to do so in the walkways. Granted, I also consider the big screen a distinct feature…but whatever. You're probably right…it's so much better to watch a replay in your mind than on a 80,000 foot HD big screen. And I've said this before, but US Cellular doesn't let you down onto the lower level AT ALL before or during the game unless you have a lower level ticket. Not the case at Turner…just FYI.
Stanicek: So you are touting Turner based on a ballpark neither of us have ever been to that was built in the 1960s and US Cellular which is one of the crappier stadiums I've ever set foot in. Besides, Turner was JUST built...they had every opportunity to make it distinct, make it interesting and didn't. Sure, Turner is more pleasant than most minor league stadiums and is probably better than Florida's stadium - does that make it better? And sure the skyline (and by skyline I mean the GA Capitol building area, with the tall buildings and what not, not the projects and highways over right-center) may be visible from some seats or the ramps but its not a focal point a la Baltimore. As for the big-screen TV...come on...EVERY stadium has a replay board but I'm supposed to go ga ga for this one because Turner's is 72 feet whereas Texas' is only 68 feet. That just doesn't impress me. I don't go to stadiums for the size of the TV. Finally, the ticket pricing argument is irrelevant - the only reason the prices are so low is because the fans are so lousy. If they ever started selling out the stadium consistently those tickets would skyrocket faster than an Aubrey Huff homer. It's captialism. The Orioles also have very cheap and discounted tickets. What I'm basically getting at is that 1) I've had bad experiences at Turner with the rules/regulations, 2) I expect more from it aesthetically because it was built in the past few years and had the benefit of taking the best points from other stadiums, 3) the designers failed to do that and turned in nothing more than a mediocre at best park, 4) that makes me like it less because of the wasted opportunity, 5) overall its fine but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone doing a tour of stadiums.

Now THIS is a stadium - skyline is a focal point, recognizable immediately and incorporates something unique about the city into the design...and no interstate highways don't count.
Pasqua: Pretty interesting that my cousin, a life-long Cubs fan, says Turner is one of the best stadiums he's ever seen. As has my Uncle, a life-long White Sox fan. So have my relatives from San Diego. The list goes on and on. The fact is, I think it's a gorgeous park from the inside as well as the outside when you're driving along the highway. They had NO OTHER CHOICE but to build it next to the old Fulton County stadium so I can't fault them for what's in the background. When you're in the upper deck you can see all of Atlanta's skyline…really…I think you're wrong on this point. The parking situation is one of the best I've ever seen too. Other stadiums you have to take a train or park in a lot close to the stadium for $50…and I know you'll refute this as being something that doesn't matter…but the fact is that it makes the overall experience more enjoyable. You made no mention of the bars in the outfield…which is the point I harped on most and one of the main reasons I enjoy Turner. It allows you to drink with a group of 20 if you'd like and be able to see the field to follow the game. I've yet to see a stadium that offers something like that to the general public for free. What I'm getting at is that 1) Turner's rules/regulations are actually LESS strict than US Cellular's and I have to imagine other stadiums beefed up security in recent years too 2) I disagree and think it's a very pretty park…especially when you get first glance of the field from the outfield entrance 3) again, agree to disagree 4) they didn't have a choice on location and did the best they could 5) I'd recommend it since there's no other ballparks near Turner except in Florida. PLUS, they have some really fun 7 th inning traditions…”THANK GOD I’M A COUNTRY BOY!!!”

(Editor's Note: The following comment was not part of the original email interchange but because I was the one that posted I get the final word - fair? No.)

Stanicek: Don't even get me started on Turner BLATANTLY STEALING the Baltimore Orioles' 7th Inning Stretch tradition. That's just another nail in Turner's stale, generic, characterless coffin - having no originality or tradition of its own Turner goes out and steals "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" from the Orioles (the song, I should note, is in a National Baseball Hall of Fame exhibit in Cooperstown under Baltimore traditions). As for the bars - granted - they have two bars where you can buy purchase $9 beers to your heart's content and watch the game from some of the worst seats in the house. But seeing as I generally try to avoid spending upwards of $72 for alcohol at baseball games the bars are moot. Finally, this whole skyline issue - I realize they had to build the stadium there but did that prevent them from orienting it so that Atlanta's skyline would be the skyline out over centerfield? I can't count the skyline as a plus for the stadium when the only people who can see it are in the upper deck craning their necks.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Holy crapamolee I love the thought of Opening Day. The void of sports right now is filling me with a painful headache that only subsides whenever I imagine April baseball and the start of the season. If any of the readers of this humble blog finds themselves bored with nothing to do and wants to take in a Braves game but is too much of a loser to have a friend to join...just know that I, too, am a loser and will be glad to be your Huckleberry at Turner for the evening/afternoon. Holler at me.

As a matter of fact, if you ever wanted to meet Pasqua and Stanicek, come on down to Turner Field on March 31st. We'll be in attendance for the final pre-season game between the Braves and Chicago's very own White Sox. I believe Turner Field Media Relations said they'll have booths set up behind home plate for myself and Stanicek where you'll be able to take a picture with us and get an autograph. I can't remember if they said that or told me to get a ticket like everyone else and hung up the phone. If it was the latter, we'll be up in the Top of the Chop drinking $7 beers with the rest of the yutzes in our group.

Since I haven't yet bought all the pre-season baseball magazines, this was the best preview I've read on the upcoming season. I 'm trying to remain open-minded because Stanicek and I are going to break down each division in the coming weeks. On a scale of 1-17, how exciting is everyone for our baseball preview blog posts?

That's all for now...I'm going to be watching Half Nelson tonight and if the movie has the same effect on me that it did for Roeper, I'll probably sit drooling for 2 hours to fully appreciate the performance of "Young Hercules".
"I'd like to thank the Academy"

Monday, February 12, 2007

I've got nuthin

Well, I really don't have much to say so I figured I'd do one of those random hodgepodge posts that have very little rhyme or reason.

  • Can't wait to check out Half Nelson tomorrow. Ever since Roeper and Ebert fill-in Kevin Smith basically said that they'd give their first born to see this movie again, I've been amped up for this release. Plus, it's got an Oscar nomination for Yep.
  • Nice work by my counterpart getting everyone amped up (yes, I just used "amped" twice in back to back bullet points) about UGA baseball and then the team goes and gets swept this past weekend. Speaking of dissapointing UGA news...
  • Mike Mercer going down may have ended the basketball team's chance at a tourney appearance. That injury literally broke my heart. After hearing the stories of him shooting with one hand in an empty gym for hours on end showed the dedication and how much trust he had in Coach Felton. Sure, he's been a bit hyper on the floor but he's the best athlete we've got. Poor Mike Mercer.
  • Does anyone else wonder if Steve Newman isn't kicking himself for not coming out early last year? This year's draft class is going to be stacked and it's going to really hurt where he gets taken.
  • Like I've been saying all along, anyone who was dissapointed in UGA's 2007 recruiting class need not worry about skill players in the upcoming recruiting season. So far, UGA has recieved verbals from 3 of the Top 100 players in the country according to and we're in the lead for some other highly touted players. The best of the bunch is this kid, AJ Green out of South Carolina...could be the #1 overall high school player in the nation when it's said and done-ski.
  • I officially admit that SNL has lost it. Though SNL traditionally goes through ups and downs, this season is pretty brutal. There are lights at the end of the tunnel in Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig...who I have a crush on. All they need are some funny writers, a better supporting cast, and some good recurring characters. I came up with the solution...holla at me Lorne. What kind of name is that anyways?

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UGA Baseball Preview - PART 2!

I have never subscribed to the age-old belief that sequels are never as good as the original...what about The Star Wars 2: Empire is Striking Back?! That was a good one with the Yoda and the freezings and the what-nots. I say this only to make clear to you, the loyal readers...strike that, I meant, you, our one reader, that I do not intend to mail it in as it tank Part 2 because I know I have the audience in the bag after the brilliance of Part 1 and they will line up no matter what vomit I author up on this blog because most of you have brains the size of one of Pasqua’s 3/4s chewed and bloodied pinky nails. Wow, this really took a dark turn didn’t it? One thing going for this’s really long and it seems like every movie that comes out these days has to be three hours long or its not considered respectable (see: The Good Sheppard, Flags of Our Fathers, etc). But I digress, on with Part 2!
If I can approach the greatness of this classic I will be fulfilled.

Position Players:

2006 witnessed a marked offensive improvement after a somewhat, sort of, kind of, totally, absolute, utterly abysmal 2005. Yes, we all marveled at the offensive-stylings of such powerhouses as Josh Morris, Bobby Felmy and the incomparable Joey Side...just one problem...they’re all gone. Ouch. So where do we go from here? Do we throw in the towel like sissy little nancy (is that capitalized?) Boys (man I got this capitalizing thing aLl f-ed uP? NO! We ante up and kick in like men...LIKE MEN! So without further adieu meet your soon to be record setting squad of hitting people...

LF – Jonathan Wyatt – senior – LH (throws right) – (.360, 4 HRs, 40 RBI) – fan favorite Jonathan Wyatt is back and yes he still spells his first name like a normal human being, unlike other Jonathan’s I know. Wyatt was the catalyst of the offense last year, especially after moving to the leadoff spot. He also impressed in the postseason batting .370 with 2 dinger dongers and 10 ribbieques. The guy is a beast and also uses what quite possibly is the largest glove to ever be utilized in organized baseball. I don’t know if it just looks oversized or is in fact, as many claim, so large that it blots out the sun.
Picture this but the size of the tarp used to cover the Yankee Stadium infield
SS – Gordon Beckham – sophomore – RH – (.280, 12 HRs, 54 RBI) – our Freshman All-American shortstop returns and after posting the 2nd highest team total in HRs, and 3rd in RBI, the entire Bulldog nation has but one thing on their collective minds....what obscure 1980s synth-rock hit will Gordo come out to in his at bats this year. Of course Gordon won his way into the hearts of the masses last year by choosing The Outfield’s mid-80s gem “Your Love” as his “at the bat” intro music. No words can describe the magic that I, as not just a Georgia fan, but a fan of life, felt when I would see young G-B knock his cleats with his aluminum bat, approach the plate and all of sudden, blaring from every loud speaker in Foley Field would come...”Josie’s on a vacation far away...come around and talk it many things that I want to say...” Needless to say the crowd would be whipped into frothing frenzy and opposing pitchers had little chance of overcoming the tidal wave of love and emotion that was curling overhead about to break. Oh, and he’s a goood hitter.

1B – Ryan Peisel
– junior – RH – (.310, 2 HRs, 45 RBI) – I can’t decide what I like more about Peisel, the fact that his last name reminds of me of my favorite dessert – sweet, delicious pie, that he stepped in and started all 70 games last year after transferring from East Carolina, or that he was coached by my favorite lug this side of Gwinnet – Steven Craft. Anyway you slice it this guy is a winner in my book. Peisel will be moving to first base this year leaving his spot at third where he started 67 of 70 games last year. It will be tough to fill the shoes of prodigious power hitter Josh Morris and I don’t think two homers out of first base this year, on a team that isn’t sure where its power will come from, will cut it in 2007.

OF/DH – Matt Olson – junior – LH (throws right) – (.326, 1 HR, 19 RBI) - so begins our army of OF/DHs...just who will see the most starts out of the next few cats is out of my realm of knowledge, which is saying quite a bit. Olson played in just over half the Dawgs games last year and responded competently. Started both the Dawgs games in Omaha last year so one would think in a lineup full of question marks Matty boy will see significantly more action this year. One worry...Matt has all of one career homerun, granted he has only appeared in 38 games but still...we need some power is what I’m saying.

OF/DH/C – Matt Robbins – senior – RH – (.301, 2 HRs, 24 RBI) – started a heap of games last year (36) but all at DH...which leads this intrepid reporter to believe that maybe Matty aint so hotty in the field. Not many gold gloves heading his way. Regardless, because of his substantial experience last year (appeared in 49 of 70 games) it looks like Perno will be counting on him for some “O”.

OF/DHs – Matt Cerione
– freshman – LH/Rich Poythress – freshman - Cerione hails from Chattahoochee for all you Alpharetta natives out there, Poythress from Greenbrier for you loyal readers in the greater Augusta metropolitan area. I think that Poythress might actually be a corner infielder but inside sources tell me that coaches may be looking at him as more of an OF/DH. Of course I may have just made that entire thing up and/or just pulled it from a press release but would you know – nope. Anyway, looking at their bios didn’t give me much info – they weren’t ranked on any Top 100 list of incoming freshmen but what does Baseball America know? They both had ridiculously gaudy high school numbers (i.e. .550, 20 HRs, etc).

C – Joey Lewis
– freshman – RH – From Starr’s Mill High School in Fayetteville, which sounds like a made-up high school so I prefer to think that he was genetically engineered in a lab out of the parts of lesser baseball players to form SUPER-CATCHER. Anyway, he batted .506 as a senior, won Fayette/Coweta player of the year by the AJC and was named a Louisville Slugger High School All-American. Plus, in a picture on that Pasqua sent me he looks a lot like Matt he’s got to be good.
Sort of like what Joey Lewis is like except he's not drawn by Japanese animators.

2B – Mike Freeman – freshman – LH (throws right) – tragically this kid hails from Florida, happily he has the same name of my next door neighbor growing up who was he’s got that going for him. Freeman was drafted by the Friars of San Dee-ah-go in the 41st round last year but chose to come to UGA. Wise choice Mr. Freeman (sorry, that’s what I used to call my neighbor, this will take some getting used to). Also was among the Baseball America Top 300 class of 2006.

3B – Luke Stewart – freshman – LH (throws right) – PASQUA ALERT – this guy is from ILLINOIS kid! Normal, IL which sounds like a very nice, middle of the road, not out of the ordinary in any way whatsoever place to grow up. Luke was also drafted by the San Diego Padres, alas he was drafted in the 42nd round – rivalry with Mr. Freeman anyone?! And just to make everyone feel really old...Luke was born in 1988. Wow. I bet he doesn’t even remember the Orioles starting out the season 0-21 that year.


Pre-season rankings generally have us in the same place – Baseball America slapped us in the face and called us Sally by ranking us 27th. Other publications (I believe the Collegiate Baseball Writers of America or some such) have us as high as 19th. Obviously we have a lot of talent to replace. You don’t lose practically your entire lineup, plug in true freshman in as many as five positions and expect instant success. To make matters worse UGA just so happens to play in the best conference in America which has four, count ‘em, four teams in the Top 11 (6th – South Cack, 7th – Arkansas, 8th – Vandy, 11th – Tennessee). Throw on top the fact that UGA is not playing any sissies out of conference including matchups against USC (the REAL one, not South Cack), Clemson, Georgia Tech, and a season opening series against the defending national champs, Oregon State.
This will probably not be us this year....but next year...ah next year...we win in Omaha and Richt grabs his first national championship - 2008-2009 what a time it will be.

So what’s going to happen? Obviously the sports writers don’t give us much of a chance seeing as they predicted we would finish 5th in the SEC East. I refuse to believe that. Everyone’s darling the Tennessee Volunteers showed they weren’t as mighty as they believe opening up their season last weekend getting BLASTED by a lower ranked (18th) Florida State, getting outscored 32-9 in the three game set. So there is hope. There will be significant growing pains, especially amongst the position players but I think our pitching will become a big strength by season’s end (assuming we find some middle relievers to get to Fields). Look for a sturdy third or fourth place finish in the SEC East, a better than expected performance in the SEC tournament and another trip to the NCAA tournament. I don’t think we will be strong enough to host a regional but I could see us getting in and making some noise. Realistically I think an exit in the opening regional is more likely than another super-regional and/or trip to Omaha. So sit back and enjoy the show...first pitch is TOMORROW!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

UGA Baseball...Diamond Dawgs 2007 Preview Part One:

What with all the talk of your Super Bowls, Signing Day, Georgia basketball, the world’s impending global-warming induced apocalypse, whether Eddie Murphy can expect back-to-back Oscar nominations for this year’s turn in “Dreamgirls” and next year for “Norbit”, and whether my musk smells more like manly rawhide, an Irish morning on the glens...ahh the glens, or a pungent yet alluring mix of gasoline and fresh kiwi....its easy to lose sight of what is easily the biggest story this week...UGA baseball opens up this Friday night at Foley Field against defending national champion Oregon State.

You can almost hear the drunk guys on the deck heckling the opposing rightfielder...

So to ease your transition into the coming college baseball season and to help you sound like the smartest guy in your (insert one): A) Sad, soul-sucking cubicle row, B) Bank-breaking, loan-check swallowing classroom, C) Despair-breeding teacher’s lounge, D) Workers-comp laden construction site, or E) Other....I give to you the 2007 UGA Diamond Dawgs Preview:
Using little to no hyperbolic language, the Diamond Dawg’s 2006 season was a roller coaster ride of jaw-dropping, biblical, apocalyptic proportions. Finishing 47-23, the Dawgs reached the College World Series for the second time in the past three seasons. In getting to Omaha the Dawgs finished second in the SEC East, won thrilling regionals and super-regionals (against South, I love beating them in EVERYTHING) and tallied the second most season wins in program history. Unfortunately, once in Omaha the Dawgs dropped their first two games in heart-breaking fashion to Rice and eventual national champion, Oregon State and were bounced from the double-elimination tournament. Repeated pleas via emails to the NCAA office and some unspeakable favors performed for the higher-ups in charge in Omaha by me were of no avail...the season ended.

The world's smallest picture.

But like the mythical Phoenix Cardinals rising from the ashes...wait...that’s the mythical Arizona Cardinals rising from the ashes, the 2007 season starts anew against the opponent that ended the Dawgs highly successful 2006 campaign, Oregon State. Many of the familiar faces from the 2006 squad are gone:

SP - Brooks Brown (1st round pick – Arizona Diamondbacks)

Brooksie is gone but maybe we will all be fighting to acquire him in a not-so-distant fantasy league draft

SP – Mickey Westphal
RP – Rip Warren (free agent signee – New York Mets)
C – Jason Jacobs (20th round pick – New York Mets)
1B – Josh Morris (12th round pick – Atlanta Braves)
OF – Joey Side (6th round pick – Arizona Diamondbacks)
OF – Bobby Felmy (22nd round pick – San Francisco Giants)
OF/DH – Kyle Keen

Consequently, the Diamond Dawgs will heavily rely on new faces, especially amongst the position players. So without further adieu...

Starting Pitching

There is returning talent here despite the departure of Friday night ace Brooks Brown and steady innings-eater Mickey Westphal. Four sophomores look to take on increased responsibility in the rotation:

Here they are - Beckham, Holder, Moreau, and Leaver...wait not Beckham, we'll get to Beckham later.

Nathan Moreau – sophomore - LHP – 6’4” - (8-1, 5.50 ERA) – started 12 games as true freshman, was named #3 starter behind Brown and Westphal toward the end of the year, and tied Derek Lilliquist’s UGA freshman record for wins with eight. I imagine he will be our #1 out of the blocks.

Trevor Holder – sophomore - RHP – 6’2” – (5-3, 4.70 ERA) – started eight games last year, appeared in 21 games. However, he was DYN-O-MITE in the post season notching a 2-0 record with a 0.87 ERA in over 10 innings of work (including one start). Hopefully that hot hand continues into this year.

Jason Leaver – sophomore - LHP – 6’1” - (3-2, 4.95 ERA) – started seven games but one of those games was the Regional Championship win against Florida State and man...what a start it was (5 IP, 1 ER) for a true freshman.

Stephen Dodson – sophomore - RHP – 6’5” – (1-0, 4.86 ERA) – used mostly in relief last year (19 appearances, 1 start), but he’s the same height as me so I like him.

There are a few true freshmen and a junior in the mix but I would anticipate the vast majority of the starts to come from some combination of the above four sophomores. These four give us a nice righty-lefty mix and having a year under their belts (a year in which all four received substantial, pressure-filled experience) should help.


Herein resides the Diamond Dawgs’ biggest superstar....

Closer: Joshua Fields – RHP – 6’0” - (3-2, 15 SVs, 1.85 ERA) – a consensus preseason 1st Team All American by practically every publication and/or organization covering college baseball. Fields is also ranked as the #8 Major League prospect in college baseball by Lindy’s. Throws upwards of 98 MPH...this guy is wicked. Last year was 2nd Team All-American, 1st Team All-SEC and led the SEC in saves (while also tying a school record). Yessir, come the 8th or 9th opponents are going to be in about getting to that 8th or 9th....

Rest of the relievers:

Adam McDaniel – senior - RHP – 6’1” – (2-1, 8.53 ERA) – converted third baseman, last year was his first on the mound for the Dawgs. Made 21 relief appearances and in a truly troubling sign....accolades include “Member of All-SEC Academic Honor Roll and SEC Good Works Team”. Reminiscent of the old baseball cards for players like Rene Gonzales, on the back would say things like “Rene enjoys fishing in the offseason”.

That’, the aforementioned freshmen and junior who figured to get the occasional start will also be called on to round out the bullpen. There is some indication that a true freshman, Ryan Woolley (RHP, 6’1”) might be a step ahead of the others in the bullpen...but that’s just me reading between the lines of press releases and Perno quotes. Initially, there doesn’t seem to be that lock down middle reliever like Rip Warren, hell there doesn’t seem to be a Rip Taylor or Warren Beatty...but I have confidence one of these guys will emerge.

Listen, if he can pitch and we can count on him the clutch I don't care what he wears out on the mound.

Tomorrow (or Thursday)....position players and prognostication....until then...

I have no reason for posting this picture other than for its sheer comic value.


From the "Every other story in the news and on blogs is incredibly disturbing, depressing and evil and I'm about to throw myself off a building unless I hear something positive and happy right now" department comes this little gem from the Athens Banner-Herald...seems out of all the names the elementary school kids could have picked, the kids chose to name the bear "DJ" in honor of the great DJ Shockley who visits the school on a regular basis to meet and read with the kids. Now if that doesn't warm your heart then I don't know what will.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Now on to the important stuff....

We have all recovered from the lag of college football season being over...we can all stop pretending to care about this year's NFL season...we can continue to deny that the NBA even exists to make ourselves feel better about this country....and now we can truly start getting down to business....

UGA baseball opens up THIS Friday against the defending National Champions...

Pitchers and Catchers report in T-minus 10 days and counting...

And that most hallowed of days...the day when they give you a free side of feta dressing at Gyro even though you didn't order it, the day when our next-door neighbor turns on his kitchen light at 3:30am (as he does every night) resulting in a blinding brilliant beam of light illuminating my bedroom like the stage of a "Backstreet Boys" concert and yet I don't mind in the least, the day every traffic light downtown seems to turn green, the day when even "The Prestige" seems like a good movie...Major League Baseball Opening Day is just 57 days away...