Thursday, October 12, 2006

Here's some good Thursday morning crazy for ya....

Excuse me if I get a little serious for a second...

How did this article by long-time Georgia political columnist Bill Shipp not get more attention from Dawg fans, the administration, and/or the blogosphere? In it Shipp essentially argues that:

  • our football players are complete morons;
  • the only reason Georgia wins is because we schedule weak/Div 2 teams;
  • we don't "compete" in the SEC;
  • our football and basketball players "couldn't pass a real first year English class on a life or death bet";
  • that only national championships every year are acceptable if our players are going to be this stupid;
  • it's not fair to call the athletes "students" because it's not fair to the other students and it makes them look bad

Today's AJC gives a different side to the story, new numbers indicate that the Georgia athletic program is not the den of mildly retarded, 3rd grade level mouth breathers that Shipp insinuates. As for Shipp attacking the men's basketball team's grades...I think we have all accepted the fact that while Harrick was commanding his squad, grades were the least of our worries. If we went on the road under Harrick and managed not to rob two liquor stores and commit 5 NCAA infractions I considered it a success. So don't throw Harrick's graduation rate around when bashing Richt and Felton.

Finally, I think we're all mature enough to acknowledge the fact that a lot of student athletes are given preferential treatment as far as admission standards in exchange for the success they may bring their team and our school. However, I know I would not want to be the one that has to wake up at 5:30am for mat drills, weight room at 6, breakfast, class until 3pm, practice until 7, study until 10...repeat. So excuse me if I don't shed a tear for Lassiter Trenton Huffington IV from Cobb County not making it into UGA where he will spend his days drinking himself into a coma, in lieu of a kid from Claxton, GA who feels like his only shot of making it out of abject poverty is his scholarship to play football at UGA. It is patently unfair for Shipp to lump ALL student-athletes into his "moron" group, stay out of sports Shipp and stick to the even more depraved, vile world of politics.

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Adam said...

We tried to rush Trenton "The Huff" Huffington IV in 1998, remember? Sadly, our group lacked sufficient North Face attire and Ducks Unlimited stickers for his taste.

The published graduation numbers released last week ended in 1999, right? So, it will be awhile before we see the next ones.

When I watch The Georgia Gang (you don't?!), I often wonder when Bill Shipp will collapse into a pile of dust.


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