Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Album of the Week, by MT Jammo

Howdy all--

The following entry is from our Godson...Michael "if it ain't broke that means it gots a lot of money" Hammond. He's bringing the music portion to this pop culture blog so enjoy...

I've decided to stray from the new releases and stick to some of the top albums in my collection. This week features We Are Scientists and their debut album With Love and Squalor. We Are Scientists follow in the footsteps of bands like Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party dishing out some quality post-punk tunes. Many have called this style of music "dance rock", but I say it just plain rocks.
These guys don't exactly look like rock stars. They seem more like guys you might call to repair your computer. Despite their non-threatening demeanor, dorks haven't kicked it this hard since Tim and I sang karaoke at Buffalo's Cafe after sucking down a case of cheap beer. This album starts out hard and fast with the opening track, "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt", and cranks out quality song after quality song. Almost every track makes you want to turn up the volume and roll down your windows. That is of course if you're driving in or living out of your car. Either way, this album will make you feel better about your life for a short while. Just check it out and if you don't like it you can still use it as a coaster (check out the pirate in the upper left. Boo!)

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