Thursday, October 05, 2006

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Hey kids--

Before we get to our boy Michael Hammond's music review, a little house cleaning. Look tomorrow for Stanicek and Pasqua's rock em sock em pick em click em college football picks. I did NFL last week but that was about as fun as a physical so we're dividing the games and will both tackle 9 each. Don't miss it. Seriously don't.

ANYWHO, below is a mucic write-up from Winder's pride and joy...Michael "I'll be there around noon" Hammond. Enjoy...

New Music Tuesday:

It’s a busy week for new music. This Tuesday features the Killers’ much anticipated follow up to their hit album Hot Fuss, the sophomore offering from Jet, and the latest edition in Beck’s library of oddities and melodies. However, the nod for most intriguing new release has to go to The Decemberists with their new album The Crane Wife.

While you are probably very familiar with the first three artists mentioned above, considering they receive more exposure than Matt’s ass after he’s had about three beers, you may be less accustomed to this week’s pick. The Decemberists have managed to stay relatively under the radar while churning out quality music. This will be the band's fourth full-length album and seventh release including EPs. Their latest effort, The Crane Wife, is the band’s first experiment on a major record label. Making the switch to the big show often results in over-production and a loss of the distinct sound that is characteristic of the indie rock scene. We can only hope that The Decemberists can follow the lead of bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, who didn't miss a beat with Plans, their major label debut.

In a perfect world, The Crane Wife would deliver more witty commentary, more catchy pop riffs and more songs about two mariners swallowed by a large fish while at sea. Do not adjust your monitor, you read that correctly. The Decemberists have made a career out of storytelling in the form of song. Their previous album, Picaresque showcased a wide variety of music, conveying seemingly unrelated stories, taking place during diverse time periods. Tracks such as We Both Go Down Together, Sixteen Military Wives, The Engine Driver and the afore referenced The Mariner’s Revenge Song are the highlights of an album that is solid from start to finish. With lyrics that take more twists and turns than Tim’s hair on a humid day, they are a modern day form of what the ancient Greeks may refer to as a bard, or what I refer to as freakin’ awesome. If this album is anywhere close to their previous material, it will be far better than most music on the market. Just take my word for it, in a world full of samples and tired love songs, your purchase of what is sure to be an eccentric collection of tunes will be money well spent.

Good listening,

Michael Stillingsworth Hammond IV

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