Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You have GOT to be kidding me....

For those of you who know me it will be no great, breaking news bulletin that I am certified Lord of the Rings geek (though I prefer the term "junkie"...I've always wanted to be a junkie of something). So when this news hit the wire a couple of days ago...needless to say I was slightly peeved...

Here is the actual letter Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh sent

As I told a few friends - I have to assume that this is some sort of power play on New Line's part to resolve this auditing lawsuit going on between the studio and Jackson. Fan backlash has already been substantial and New Line has to know that they would be throwing away a sure-fire Top Ten All-Time Grossing Movie is they let Jackson go. At the same time I think the above letter from Jackson is a power play on his part as well - both sides are looking for leverage in this lawsuit and as the Variety article stated, the issue of Peter Jackson directing the Hobbit is far from decided. I anticipate some serious legal negotiations about the auditing lawsuit to go forward soon, a resolution will be achieved and Jackson will be asked back to helm the project.

The entangled rights of The Hobbit film is actually quite an interesting legal question and one I would be happy to talk with you about on an individual basis. However...I'm pretty sure if I wrote about it on this blog now I would be given an atomic wedgie at the upcoming GA-GA Tech game.

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Josh said...

I've read The Hobbit.

Bilbo is a pussy who let his friends die while he hid behind a rock.

That is all.