Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lordy lordy lordy....

I figured I would write while I was still numb....we just lost to Kentucky. Really nothing can shock me this year. I have no idea what kind of performance we will turn in on a week to week basis. I just told Wifeicek that I feel like this is the kind of squad that will lose to Vandy and KY and then for no reason at all just blow the doors off a GA Tech or Auburn because they decide to show up. Yet again, this game boiled down to

-offensive miscues:
  • 4 turnovers - All of Stafford's picks were horrendous errors
  • 3 missed kicks - I will forgive one of the missed field goals - but a second missed XP point means its time for someone, ANYONE to have a shot (Gordon Ely-Kelso? HE*L let JTIII kick)

-questionable playcalling

  • Lumpkin 10 carries 80+ yards in the first half, 3 carries the entire second half
  • The Willie Martinez "Bend and Break" defense

At this point I would be ecstatic to finish this season with one more win and a trip to any bowl not in Boise. I sincerely think we can beat Tech. As for Auburn...I'll just say - you never know. What do these kids have to lose?

Final thoughts:

  • If the worst case scenario occurs and we finish 6-6 - Richt is going to have to make the tough decision and pull the trigger on a major staff shake-up. I'm talking about Martinez, Eason...someone...but the porous defense dating back to Auburn and the dropped balls (which admittedly were down today) have to stop and new blood might help that along.
  • I hope and pray that Stafford's nightmarish first season doesn't ruin him for his career. We were warned by old coaches and "experts" before the year that playing a true freshman only causes trouble - and as I watch Stafford as the season progresses...12 picks, losses piling up...I fear that his confidence may be sinking. I can only trust Richt, the QB guru, will keep him level headed and maybe, just maybe....Stafford gets his defining moment in the next two games.

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Josh said...

The fact we're even thinking about going to a bowl game speaks to the utter inanity of the bowl system.

The team does not deserve to go ANYWHERE.