Monday, November 27, 2006

I cried dammit...I CRIED

Much like the tears were building in my eyes last year with DJ Shockley hoisting the SEC trophy, I had the same feeling watching Reggie Ball walk off the field Saturday. Remember how we chanted "DJ, DJ, DJ" at the Dome? I never thought we'd chant another quarterbacks name to honor his career in less than 12 months. Boy was I wrong.

UGA and Auburn lost two huge champions of their program in successive days. Auburn lost their favorite coach of all time in Shula and UGA lost their favorite QB of all time in Ball. A sadder two days for respected programs I cannot recall.

My deepest and most sincere apologies about not getting my picks done before this past weekend's games. Family and the holiday reigned supreme over the chance to blog. 1,359 apologies.

I want ideas on New Year's. Something fun. Any thoughts? I was thinking about throwing a Reggie Ball themed party. Everyone could come as their favorite Reggie Ball of the past 4 years. The 4 different Reggie's you could come as would be:

1. "Concussion" Reggie. Walk around in a daze and leave half way into the party.
2. "Throw the Ball Away on 3rd Down" Reggie. Pop the champagne at 10:59pm, fall asleep 10 minutes before the countdown, throw your drink away immediately if you "don't like what you see", etc.
3. "Do okay until the final moment" Reggie. Have a few good one-liners, set up your better looking friend with a hot chick (like Reggie did for Calvin on that fade route in the 2005 game), but ultimately make a horrible decision right as the night's on the line...kinda like screaming "I pissed in the punch ya sissies. DRINK UP!!!" right before midnight.
4. "Just Plain Sad" Reggie. Maybe go to a party and get beat up by a guy 4 years younger than you. Or go to a party and hype it up that this is the year you're going to surprise everyone and be cool...then show up just in your boxers. Everyone will be kind of grossed out and won't want to talk to you...even your close friends. Then, as you continue to fart in a corner and smoke inside while it's clear that there's no smoking inside, the others at the party chant your name to make you leave.

What NFL team do I hate? Hmm...I guess I'd have to say The Redskins just because they're Stanicek's favorite. Here's to hoping the Skins draft Reggie Ball. God...Bless...Reggie...Ball.

Reggie fumbles as he realizes "oh wait...phew. It's 1st down and fumbles don't count unless they're on 2nd or 3rd down. Hamburgers are good when grilled...especially when I have ketchup."

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