Thursday, November 09, 2006

Recruitment Update

Being that Stanicek dubbed me "the recruiting guy" I feel it necessary to update on all things recruiting. Any by all things, I mean sports recruiting...for UGA...and only for basketball or football...but in this post it'll just be basketball. I'm a damn guru.

UGA signed 4 players yesterday to the 2007 class. It's probably the strongest class of this millenium with possibly 2005 being the exception. That year we signed Mike Mercer, Billy Humphrey, Rashaad Singleton, and Terrance Woodbury. What separates this class from 2005 is that all 4 of the recruits are from Georgia. Actually, I'm not sure where Jeremy Jacob is originally from (he's a Hargrave kid) but he was only added to replace Walter Hill who decided to commit to Richt. Hill was from Georgia which makes the 4 original recruits in state.

Granted we haven't had the season we were hoping to see out of Felton, but things are pointing in the right least recruiting-wise. We're signing some JUCOs that will make an immediate impact (assuming Takais Brown can get off suspension...and that's a big assumption)and we're starting to get a lock on the state for the studs coming out of high school...much like Richt did when he took over for football.

Recovering from the Harrick scandal is no easy task and I can't imagine it's easy to tell a kid's parents that UGA academics are top notch...especially when the kid is coming mostly to play basketball. I tip my cap to Felton for turning the program around in the right direction...hopefully this will start leading to more results ON the court.

Good story about Mike Mercer in the AJC today about him retooling his shot. Sounds like this was a tedious process and any player not interested in believing what the coach was telling him wouldn't have given the effort.

I, for one, can't wait for UGA basketball to start. Won't it be refreshing to lose to Vandy or Kentucky and not feel like you need to stick your hand in a blender to ease the pain?

A solid goal for this year is the NIT and continuing to improve and develop all the young talent. It's going to be an exciting year and I can see us upsetting some of the better teams in conference and at least being competitive in every game.

And, to sum, UGA's going to beat Auburn 24-21. BELIE DAT!!!

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