Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Florida Fans. What a crew.

These pictures are all from this year. Can you imagine being one of the few respectable Florida fans (when I say respectable, I mean someone who attended Florida but isn't from Florida. Spit on that state.) that wears something sans denim to a game? I imagine they shake their head in shame every time they see one of these picture montages. I'd rather lose every year than have to deal with the "Where's Your Jean Shorts ya Moron" taunts.

My favorite exchange from a Florida fan and a UGA fan at this year's game was as follows:

Obnoxious UF Fan (20 year old girl): "What are you wearing. It's a frickin FOOTBALL game."
UGA Fan (lady in her mid 50s): "No shi*. Not a trailer park meetin!"

I guess my question is this. Don't all the Florida fans watch the other SEC fans come to their stadium and dress the part? Don't they ever go on a road trip and see how classy these other campuses are? Why are they so befuddled every time they see khakis or a dress? I'm embarrassed that Florida represents the conference. Christmas is around the corner...maybe Santa's the kind of guy that'll kick Florida out of the SEC.

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