Wednesday, November 08, 2006

oh...oh HELL YES!!!

To borrow a line from democraticunderground..."It's Raining Democrats"

A few thoughts to take away from last night's historic events:

  • With every minute that passes it looks more and more like the Dems could take not only the House but the Senate. As of 30 minutes ago Tester was up 1800 votes in Montana and Webb still holds a commanding 8000 vote lead in VA. How long will Allen see the word "Maccaca" late at night when all is quiet and the only thing that stirs are the dark thoughts of one's mind?
  • How great was it to see that frothing, fuming, festering, bigot Santorum get stomped last night? As one reveler downtown said last night - "don't fret for Rick, he'll have a long career ahead of him in the lucrative anti-beastility lobby".
  • Don't let anyone tell you that this wasn't a major rebuke of Bush and the GOP. They have had unchecked control of all three branches of the government for years and accomplished nothing but mismanaging a war, drive up a soaring debt, divide the nation bitterly via bigoted and vile "moral" issues, and the American voters had enough. I've heard a few pundits say that "if this was truly a condemnation of Bush and conservatism than the Dems would have picked up MORE seats, we expected to lose the House in the 6th year of his term". Rubbish I say....RUBBISH! That sounds like the tortured rationale I spew out when UGA loses. "Sure we lost in Jax again but we weren't even ranked, Florida was in the top ten AND we only lost by 7. They should've killed us and we stuck right in in reality it was almost like we fact we blew them out." Suck it up Republicans - I've had to ever since I was awarded the precious right to vote (save the 1996 election of Billy Boy) and if you don't want to look like complete hypocrites you will follow your own advice from 2000 and not "file needless lawsuits and demand pointless recounts so the nation can put this behind us and work towards making the country better by working together".
  • So now the spin begins - unfortunately for the Dems many will demand results which might be somewhat difficult to come by considering that we are, for the first time since he took office, faced with the prospect of Bushie dusting off his rusty "veto pen". But one thing the Dems CAN do with or without Bush is to take the lead in framing the debate on issues like Iraq, the budget, minimum wage, the environment. This requires strong and unflinching leadership. Someone needs to step up, take it to W, and never let up until election day 2008.
  • On the local front - here in Athens - Mayor Heidi Davison is headed for a runoff against Charlie Maddox. I had the opportunity to formally meet Heidi last night and she is about as honest, down to earth and intelligent as you could ever want. She realizes that what most Athens needs is to simply insure that it remains Athens and that means advancing historical designation (hopefully one day that will mean ALL of downtown and beyond), stopping sprawl, protecting the natural environment, and continuing to foster the unique blend of culture we have come to love here. If you are here in town make sure to lend a hand in the next month and DEFINITELY make sure you go out to vote on December 5th.


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Doug said...

A-freaking-men to everything you said. Stanicek, I mean, not fryman.

adam said...

Heidi almost made it without the runoff. But her husband Al is a good campaign manager - despite the '02 Haines state senate race which we should never speak of again - and I am confident she'll win the runoff.

It was good to see the national Republicans get some medicine Tuesday.