Tuesday, November 14, 2006


How in the world has an award been named after Randy Moss?

Shouldn't Mikey make an announcment that he is "withdrawing himself as a candidate to recieve the Thug of the Year award and that he would never want to be affiliated with a reciever that is completely screwing anyone who drafted him in fantasy football this year."

Ummm...no? Isn't this taking the "Thanks for never being any good" thing too far? Why would Richt honor JTIII and not all the seniors? I'm pretty sure Michael Turner, Marquis Elmore, Dale Dixon, etc. are all seniors but they're not guarenteed to start. This game means so much to UGA fans that I have to think that we're going to play with the best available. If JTIII is a true "Damn Good Dawg" he'll tell coach not to bother and that he wants to go out with a win...rather than some playing time.

A promising article in the AJC yesterday regarding recruiting that you can read here. Basically, Rennie Curran (a stud LB that's a strong committment) is saying he's getting a good feeling about Caleb King coming to UGA. King, who was previously the #1 RB in the nation according to rivals.com before his injury, is deciding between UGA, AU, and one other ACC school. We haven't signed a RB for 2007 so he would be all we need in that regard.

The other article talked about how Brookwood's coach said that Rennie Curran is the best defensive player he's ever coached in 30 years. While I have very little respect for high school coach's opinions (I used to live with a guy that said Asher Allen is weak), I hope this dude's opinion or Curran is true.

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