Monday, December 11, 2006

To Root or not...

A great debate this last past week has arisen since Florida's been announced as the other team in the BCS title game. As a UGA fan, who should you root for?

The answer is simple to me, but here's how a typical debate has gone down.

Me: C'mon Gators, let's get up and go!

Dummy: That's ridiculous. Don't root for Florida. We all know that the SEC is the best conference. We don't need a Florida win in the championship game to prove that point.

Me: Not true. All the sports writers across the county are doubting the SEC's reputation this year and it's on that reason we need to show them how much better this conference is than any others. Believe me...I watch "The Sports Reporters" every Sunday.

Dummy: But I HATE Florida. I mean, I really hate them.

Me: And I like them? I hate Florida just as much as the next guy. In fact, they just passed Georgia Tech as my most hated team in college football, but you're not getting my point. I'm not rooting for Florida, I'm rooting for the SEC.

Dummy: Wonderful Pasqua. All I need for next year is to go to Jacksonville for a Florida fan to do the National Championship dance right in my face.

Me: Have you ever enjoyed going to hang out with Florida fans? Have your encounters with them in the past been positive...even the years we've been there and have won? How about the year that Zook was on his way out and they were actually a very bad team? I had the same hatred for them that year that I do this year when they're very good. They rip our hearts out every year so they won't have to use the National Title argument. This is a sad fact...but true. No way a Florida fan could be any more obnoxious than they already are. Whenever it comes down to talking smack-a-lack, the only defense we've had for the past 10 years is some sort of phrase that involves "jean shorts" or "redneck fuc*er"...we really can't bring up the games. So they scream "National Title" over and over again. I'd rather them say that than continually bring up their record over UGA lately.

Dummy: I don't know...I just can't bring myself to do it.

Me: Well, I can tell you who Mark Richt is pulling for, how's that for convincing? It helps the SEC and that helps UGA. So get our your wrist bands and wife beaters because DAAAAAHHHH DAA DAAAAHH DAA DAAA DAAAAAH GO GATORS!!!. Uh oh, I may deserve a beatin' after that. Well, bring it on ya sissies pants.

do yo dance do yo dance. Mmm...


Josh said...

I hope Ohio State wins by 70.

And I'm not rooting for Ohio State, or against Florida - I'm rooting against the BCS. If Ohio State smokes Florida, that makes the awful BCS selection process look bad. Of course, if Florida happens to lose in the process - it's all silver lining, baby.

adam said...

In my office I'm publicly rooting for Florida because of the presence of many Ohio State fans and only one Gator.

But I, too, am secretly hoping that Florida loses badly.

adam said...

Then again, Ohio State fans are obnoxious and burn couches and destroy their city when they win.

Now I'm on the fence.

How about this:

Florida loses on the last play of the game, down 10-6 on the Ohio State 1-yard line with 3 seconds left. Leak & Tebow are in for a little triple option. They run into each other just before the goal line, fumble, and Ohio State recovers.

That way 1) Florida loses, and 2) Ohio State wins in a less than convincing fashion.

Pasqua said...

I guess I'll discuss my love for the BCS in another entry. And yes, I fully support the BCS and want no change whatsoever but I respect Josh for giving a different reason to root against Florida.

Jmac said...

As much as I hate Florida, the sheer fact Ohio State fans insist on calling their university 'The Ohio State' infuriates me.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Gator fan and that was one of the best posts I've read in a while. Surprising for a Dawg!

You're one of the "o.k" ones I guess.