Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This is exactly why I'm rooting for the SEC in the bowl games.

And this is exactly why McGwire doesn't belong in the Hall. If he doesn't want ANYTHING to do with his past, than the voters should do the same and not revisit it. He wants to be a forgotten person and the voters should grant him that wish by not voting him into the Hall of Fame where the discussion will most certainly continue and his past will be revisited. I wish Bonds, Palmeiro, and Sosa would do the same thing as McGwire and vanish to save himself the agony...but most importantly, their family's the scrutiny that surely follows them as long as they're in the limelight. The rumors a few weeks back that Palmeiro and Sosa were wanting to come back made me sick.

Great article by Barnhart in the AJC.

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