Friday, December 08, 2006

Chat-Cast #1

Welcome loyal readers. I would be doing a dis-service (sp) to craft a lengthy intro. Instead, just enjoy and let your compliments flow like the booze obviously was while we wrote.

: had a couple of brews but nothing to damaging, you? is this part of the entry?

me: why not. I had a delightful meal with friends. Several vinos and I'm back
9:03 PM ready to analyze some bowls I know nothing about
tkelly78: WELCOME to the first edition of Pasqua and Stanicek's chat-cast of the bowl season...we believe this is the first ever chat-cast in human history...right?
me: If by first you mean, FIRST...then yes.
9:04 PM I'm having a hard time concentrating when all I can think about is the Allen Iverson trade that will soon happen. Stanicek...I'm sure you share my struggle.
9:05 PM tkelly78: right, excuse me, I did mean FIRST...and as for Allen Iverson, yeah it's eating at my mind like a zombified brainworm...I, for one, hope the Bullets trade Jeff and Moses Malone for AI.
9:06 PM me: I heard that's a possiblity. Jeff Malone. Wow, the last time I thought about him is probably about the same time I thought about Youngstown State. Segway ladies and gents...seg-way.
9:07 PM tkelly78: Yep - what a segway considering I didn't realize we were doing 1-AA games tonight. That's a surprise. Much like your dinner order Speaking of grouper, real quick TK, can you tell me, once again, for those who didn't hear our conversation earlier, what your 17 keys to victory are for Appalachian State in this matchup in reverse order.
9:10 PM tkelly78: #1 Stop being Appalachian State and be somebody good;
#2 - #17: See #1
Wow - we are really sidetracked...let's get to the dang BOWL GAMES KIDDO! First up on the hit parade...the Poinsettia Bowl, TCU v. Northern Illinois, TCU a 14 point favorite...who do you like muchacho?
9:11 PM me: how is that the first game? I got youngstown State and App State tomorrow at 4pm Tito
tkelly78: Are we doing the fricking I-AA playoffs now? I thought we were sticking to division I bowl games like the rest of us god-fearing Americans?!
9:12 PM
me: Fine. Briefly (like my underoos)...I got Yougstown State manana getting 6.5.
9:13 PM As for Northern Illinois, didn't they have a Heisman candidate on their squad for a while?
Before the public realized that the kid was playing for NORTHERN ILLINOIS?
9:14 PM tkelly78: They sure did, Garret Wolfe...finished the year with 1900 yards. You like? Me - I'm going with TCU and their stud player...uh...Johnny...yeah... Johnny Quarterbackking
9:15 PM me: Being that my best friend (eat it Stanicek) went to Northern Illinois, I have to go with Norther ILL. They're getting 11.5 points for crissakes. NIU! NIU! NIU!!!!
9:16 PM So we're head to head on this one. Put the dogs to sleep via a needle to the neck...this chat-cast is getting heated!!! (please note...we had a quick technical difficulty right here)

925 PM tkelly78: Hey no prob - I don't blame Comcast as much as I blame your supposed best friend...that guy's trouble. He's a bad influence...remember the time he made you drink a bottle of Pert Plus just to see what happens? 9:26 PM me: Yeah, that hospital trip was memorable. He's good people though. And so are Northern Illinois football players. Sure, I know the names of.........mmmm..........1 of them. But they've got a cover in them
Land Of Lincoln represent!!!
9:28 PM tkelly78: Next up - Las Vegas Bowl kids - Mormons v. Ducks...BYU favored by 3 1/2 over Oregon. This a toughie...I don't think Oregon is good but Mormons scare me (not really to all our Mormon readers...I kid) I think I'm going with the mid-major in this one...GO MORMONS!
9:29 PM me: Mormons...what a fun word. Say it 4 times quick. Oregon has this kid by the name of Hawsakooch that is supposed to break out this week. Thus, my pick is the Duck. Plus, I saw someone eat duck tonight so that's a sign
9:30 PM tkelly78: Duck huh? You go to some swanky restaurants dontcha? I'm talking swanky swank....swankier than Hilary Swank.
9:31 PM me: There you go. If you can guess what I ate tonight, then I'll agree with you on the next pick. Or I'll disagree and argue. Good luck. This is the most important selection of your life
9:33 PM tkelly78: Well good cause the next came is the New Orleans Bowl featuring two of our favorite teams...Troy State and Rice...Rice zooms in as a 6 point favorite....BUT I am going underdog on this one and saying Troy State comes out and covers in the Big Easy. And remember kids, if you are heading down to the Big Easy for the game go out in groups to be ate grouper
9:35 PM me: I'm not kidding when I say this, you're 100% correct. Troy v. Rice. Two 4 letter schools. Coincidence? I...think...not. Rice is an underrated side dish and Troy was an underrated movie. Coincidence? I...think...well, I guess I think so. Anyways, I gotta go with Rice. 6 point favorite for a game I know nothing about says that team is favored for a REASON so we should expect a blowout.
9:36 PM Quick question. When you get Chinese do you go steamed or fried?
Follow up, what would we serve at Tent City if we were playing Rice???
9:37 PM tkelly78: First off - Troy sucked - sucked hard.
Second - its fried baby
third - I would say herring and rice balls deep fried in ham fat
9:38 PM me: First, you're right but I thought my sentence flowed better if I said they were both underrated. Second - No way. Third - whatever dude. Let's get to the battle of the DIRECTIONS!!!!
tkelly78: Ah yes - next up is the worst name the bowls have seen since the Poulan Weedeater Bowl...yep loyal readers its the bowl! South Florida taking on East Carolina, south florida is a 4 point favorite - who do you like?
9:39 PM me: Good karma to root for Florida during bowl season. Give me South Florida on this one.
9:40 PM And yes, that answers the question about who I'll be rooting for in National Champ game. Daahhh da da da da daaaa GO GATORS!!!
tkelly78: Me? I like the Bulls of South Florida? Why is South Florida the Bulls? Is South Florida that well known for its bull population? Shouldn't they be the "Cheesy Rednecks" or "Drugged out teenage partiers" or "Dead German Tourists" or "Excuse me sir do you have your green cards"?
9:41 PM Alas, I too like South Florida. BUT I will be a staunch supporter of Ohio State
me: then we agree. I can't wait to watch this game together and curse as South Florida crushes our hopes and dreams and pisses us off for weeks.'
9:43 PM tkelly78: NEXT - the New Mexico Bowl...surprisingly featuring...NEW MEXICO and they will be taking on San Jose St, New Mexico obviously is a 4 point favorite. I am riding the San Jose gravy train all the way to Coversville.
me: AYYY AYYY AYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! 3 words and 3 words only. Gimme New Mexicoso.
9:44 PM I root for all things Urban Meyer for the rest of this year, so let's cut to the chase. Utah baby. Utah.
9:45 PM And yea, feel free to blame that last bit of reasoning on the wine
9:46 PM tkelly78: Yep - the Armed Forces Bowl...since when did the Armed Forces get a bowl? I don't even get it. It used to be food products...i.e. Sugar, Orange, all of a sudden we are naming bowls for organizations, I can't wait until Georgia plays in the Glass Cutters Union Local 76458 Piscataway, NJ Bowl
9:47 PM ANNNNNNYwho - Armed Forces Bowl - Utah a 1 1/2 point favorite over Tulsa - THIS kid is taking Utah but I do not acknowledge that Urban "The Whiner" Meyer ever coached there
9:48 PM Just saw a commercial for some NBA guy named Pau Gasol - he looks like the unabomber.
me: Give me the Utes for $200 Alex. Lindsey just made me put on Jeopardy in the background while she cooks for tomorrow's party.
9:49 PM Gasol is injured right should know that as a responsible sports fan
9:50 PM
9:51 PM tkelly78: Yeah, right, the NBA is a sport...the NBA is a sporrt like wrestling is a sport. Speaking of that party of yours - is now a good time to tell you that we only have half of the money we owe you because Carrie paid all of our bills and didn't leave enough money in the checking account because I forgot to tell her that we owed you that money...ALRIGHT - the HAWAII BOWL!!! Hawaii is a 7 1/2 point favorite over Az state.
me: Speaking of favorites, the Kelly's just dropped a bunch of notches in my list of favorite people. Get used to the pictures in your head of Tim with unbroken thumbs. And, with that, give me Arizona State.
tkelly78: Ditto - I am taking Arizona State as well AND I just broke my own thumbs to deprive you of the satisfaction and you know hurts just as much as you think it would.
9:54 PM me: well that makes me feel great. Too bad I was going to break your 4th toes as well. Get to breakin fat boy. And with that, we get to the last game.
tkelly78: Our final game for the first chat-cast is the Motor City Bowl featuring Middle Tennessee State and Central Michingan..OF COURSE Central Michigan is a 10 point fav. This one will be a back and forth game just like we've all come to expect from these two teams...cause we've seen them so much.
9:57 PM me: I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow. That, and I take Middle Tennessee State in EVERY spread after they almost beat UGA a few years back. Gimme MTS +10. I like this line better than the line I'm about to sni...GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!!!
9:58 PM tkelly78: I shall kiss you on the forehead tenderly if you can tell me what the mascots of these two teams...I goodsir will be taking the Chippewas over the Blue Raiders..DANGIT...well it looks like you have a tender kiss comin' Pasqua
10:00 PM me: I still am going to break your toesies. See that J-Mass? Toe'sies. We just finished our pick'ies and I'm about to get another drinkie to cap off the nightie!!! Hope to see everyone at my party-ie ie.
tkelly78: And-ie am-ie out-ie

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