Saturday, December 02, 2006

Budget Cut Pick'em

Alas, it is finals time and blogging must take a back seat to allow ample time to mire myself in grade mediocrity. So this is your bare bones pick 'em. Good for pretty much nothing except ensuring that I don't miss a week a picks and short change you the way Pasqua always does.

Lines from Danny Sheridan 12/2:

OVERALL AT: 43-38-2

West Virginia -9 1/2 vs. Rutgers - Rutgers had their big win against Louisville and it is written in ancient lore that the Scarlet Knights shall only have one big win a decade.

Southern Cal -13 @ UCLA - You think teams "overlook" a game that decides whether they are in the National Championship? Nuh-uh. Plus I heard people talking about UCLA's homefield advantage...HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE? This is the Pac-10 people! UCLA will be lucky if less than 50% of the stadium isn't on their cell phones at any given time.

Wake Forest +2 1/2 vs. GA Tech - Speaking of fans - can you believe the apathy being shown towards this game. Let me rephrase..."I am not surprised at all by the apathy being shown towards this game." Tech having to reduce the price of its student tickets to get ANYONE to come to this game is the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. On another note kudos to Jim Donnan for coming up with a great name for this game on his radio show (I hope I get this right): "World's Dullest Outdoor Cocktail Party".

San Jose State -4 vs. Fresno State - SJS AT HOME PEOPLE! Easier to pick than an empty six pack ring out of an arcade crane game.

Oklahoma -3 1/2 vs. Nebraska - My five favorite holiday movies in no particular order: It's a Wonderful Life, Scrooged, Holiday Inn, A Christmas Carol (1951 Alistair Sim version), and White Christmas. That's all you need.

Oregon State +8 1/2 @ Hawaii - Because I said so.

Florida -2 1/2 vs. Arkansas - Do it.

Army +19 1/2 vs. Navy - Cuhmon.

Colorado State -2 1/2 @ San Diego State - As you can tell I am running out of time.

BONUS 10th PICK - California -29 vs. Stanford - Sorry this was such a lame effort. But I had to read and if I procrastinated anymore I would feel even worse today as I pretended to study with a book in my lap and Reggie Ball whining and throwing picks on the TV.

Check out Joshua's bevy of NFL picks...just don't call them pickies.

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