Friday, December 22, 2006

6 things

Per the request of J-Mac, I guess I'll participate:

1. Every Thursday I will go online to and check out their weekly ad. I guess it's the 70 year old woman in me, but the truth is that I simply love Publix and it gives me ideas of what to eat that week for dinner...which is the house-wife in me.

2. I'm probably one of the fastest people you'll ever meet at getting out of a car. Put in park, parking break, seatbelt, turn off ignition, take out key, open door, close, BAM. Lock. Meanwhile, if I'm paying for something in cash, I take FOREVER to get my change and put my money into my wallet.

3. My feet look like they have aliens coming out of them. You just have to see to understand.

4. If we're ever about to leave for something I'm excited to get to, you'll probably see me start to pace. At that moment, know that "HURRY UP YOU FUC*ING SLOW MUTHA FUC*ER" is probably going through my head. What I'm trying to say is that I'm impatient.

5. At least twice a week some sort of my dream evolves around the fact that I haven't graduated college, I'm in college during my senior year and am about to not graduate, or some similar version. I graduated college 4 years ago and somehow this is my #1 fear. How's that possible?

6. When I think about the happiest place on earth for me the first thought that comes to mind is a Georgia tailgate with everyone there before a big game or after a big win. Aww.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you get to wherever you're going to safely and without too much hassle...basically, the exact opposite of my girlfriend (trying to get into Denver) and my sister (trying to get out of Denver). Ho ho ho!!!


adam said...

I think ND could possibly challenge you for "Fastest Person You'll Ever Meet at Getting Out of a Car". And he'll throw in a nice door slam for good measure.

Pasqua said...

That's a very good point. I'm a fast eater but I didn't even mention it considering I know one who will ruin me.