Monday, December 18, 2006

Argument du jour....

This warm and sunny Monday brought out another argument between Pasqua and I that I feel is both interesting, timely, and earth-shatteringly important. The issue is you enjoy getting clothes as a gift for Christmas? I will insert the caveat that women are going to have an entirely different take on this issue so I pose this question mainly to the men.

My stance - H*LL FRICKING NO! I can't tell you how much I hate getting clothes, any item, any kind, any how, as a present. Is it some sort of lingering attachment to my childhood? Have I really ever broken free from childhood? Was I attacked by a male model wielding a stunning boot from the fall line on a city street as a child? Or is it just that the acquisition of clothes should be kept where it the "chore" column of life? I goodsirs and gentlewomen maintain the latter. Christmas is a time for fun, merriment, and cheer not for having to feign enjoyment as you open yet another box to reveal...a shirt...whoop-de-doo. I want to see books, DVDs, CDs, games, tickets to sporting events or concerts, absurdly impractical items that have a Georgia logo somewhere on them....not...socks.

If I got these for Christmas...a little part of me would die.

I hate shopping for new clothes. It's like going to the dentist or having to watch "The Prestige"....something that just has to be gotten over with and never thought about again. So why bring such a mundane and boring task into a joyous time like Christmas? Not only do clothes just ooze boredom as a gift, it is very rare that 1) someone actually gets you something you like and 2) something that fits. So there you are with some boring shirt/pants that you have to return, but you most likely never do because you forgot you even got it midway through discovering it was clothes, so it just sits on your hanger with all the tags on it until you move and then you're like "Good God...that is ugly, I guess I'll just give it to Goodwill". Pasqua said "well what if someone gets you something you asked for specifically and got the exact right size?" or something along those that I say, well at least its practical and wearable but its still boring because you knew you were going to get it. You might as well just get cash.

The only exception to the clothes rule is that if the clothing is fun (i.e. Orioles/UGA paraphernalia) it is acceptable. Thoughts? Concerns?


DAve said...

Couldn't agree more... unless I ask for a specific item, getting clothes is no fun. Especially since no one in my family has a firm grip on my impeccable sense of style. And by "impeccable" I mean, "whatever's on sale at Goody's".

And there's definitely a fine line when it comes to UGA-logoed apparel as well. Lest you forget The Shirt - be careful what you wish for.

Russell said...

Dang, halfway through reading this I thought to myself, "HA HA! I've got him!" Then you go and mention that clothes with UGA logos are ok. That was going to be my "got him" question -- what about UGA clothing items?

Oh well. You are too wise in the ways of science for me to beat you. But your day will come...

And I still maintain that "The Prestige" is a good movie.

Meims said...

Dang Tim, you totally guessed what I am getting you for Christmas... a jean jacket with Christian Bale's face embroidered on the back. And not just any jean jacket... a Bedazzled jean jacket.

Russell said...

You can't get him a bedazzled jean jacket without getting him complimentary 'jellies!'

Watch out for rocks, Tim.