Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Is there a more boring day than Tuesday? What a drag....no one hates it, no one loves it....it suffers the same ills it's brother did until Gustave Q. Hornsbuckler bestowed upon Wednesday the moniker "Hump Day" in a candle-lit room in Dresden, Germany on August 23, 1843....strangely enough...a Tuesday. So please, let's end the tyranny and give Tuesday a fun nickname so it can stare it's 6 relatives in the face when they get together for family dinners and not have to wallow in the corner while party-boys Friday and Saturday pour warm Schlitz on top of its head and Sunday acts all uppity. Please offer any suggestions in the comments below.

In other news...the trip to Ole Miss-UGA game closes in...just two and half days until it's showtime. I can't decide if I am more pumped about losing our vast wealth in a matter of seconds in Tunica or seeing my new favorite non-UGA player on Saturday....Dexter McCluster.

Hi! I can't wait to meet Kelin Johnson.

Seriously, is there a more fun name to say in college football right now? You have to use your "Keith Jackson" voice to really enjoy it properly...go ahead....Dext-ah Meh-Cluh-Stah...great times. The only time I've heard someone have more fun saying a name was when Sean McDonough said "Cassen Jackson-Garrison" about 247 times during the UGA-Vandy game. Seriously, I kept a running tally during the game. He would bring his name into anything during that game..."Coutu lines up for the field goal, and it is good. On a sad note, General Snuggums, Vanderbilt's beloved live ferret mascot died earlier today, flowers and cards can be sent to CASSEN JACKSON-GARRISON!"

Someone help me. Sean McDonough is right outside my car and I can't get out, he's like Cujo.

Finally, thought I'd mention that we watched "Heroes" last night on NBC. Did anyone else watch this thing? If so can you tell me 1) what the Holy H was going on and 2) did you make it the entire hour or did you pass out from boredom only to awake at 3:30am with a splitting headache and the nagging suspicion that you had just wasted several hours of your life that you will never get back.


Meimis said...

What the H was up with that girl getting her fingers grinded up in the garbage disposal? Dat' be nasty. And the dog licking up her blood? Grosser than gross. I give it 1 and a half flying senators.

Carrie said...

Tuesday---Anthony "Bored-Day"

Russell said...

Awwww, you non-comic-book-collecting-during-your-youth wetblankets. Heroes rocked. I want one of those Japanese guys for Christmas. He was so silly and cute. Sort of like Pokemon. Am I crossing some line into racist-land? I'll just stop to make sure I don't.

And I just can't get into Studio 60 -- it's all blah blah blah, talky talky, blah blah blah. Maybe I should actually pay attention to the dialogue instead of staring at my laptop screen while the show is on in the background?

My current favorites are The Office and House. I like House because it's such a realistic representation of hospitals -- especially the VA where I'm working now. Yep, just like House.