Monday, September 25, 2006

This-ah and That-ah

After Stanicek enveloped the subject that is UGA football, I'll try and steer my blog in a different direction. How about a little pop culture, eh? Ehhhh? I should warn you though, that after Saturday's game I found myself visualizing Cox to Milner (this will become the name of a porn someday...I'm convinced) no matter what I was watching so the details might be a little fuzzy bear.

Let's start with 'Survivor'. I haven't watched since the second season but I became interested in the little plot twist. The thing I don't understand is why they have tribe names this season (I think the tribe names are Haku, Trio, Massoquai, and Apple Sauce). I really think it would be funny to hear Probst yell "Hispanic Tribe takes the lead but Tribe Black isn't far behind" as they complete a ropes course to try and win tarps (not to mention that quote summarizes the minority statistics in the U.S. right now. 2 birds, 1 stone). Needless to say I'm sucked in this season and can't wait to see how it progresses. Plus, I don't think I've ever been a bigger fan of a reality TV personality as I am of Cao Boy (pronounced Cowboy). I will be shocked if he doesn't get a spinoff show after 'Survivor'.

Furthermore, the tribal council this past week saw one of the most shocking comments I've ever seen on TV. Please, if you haven't watched, tune in here. The dude who made this comment is on Letterman tonight and, needless to say, I'm Tivo'ing the H out of it. I cannot wait for Billy to announce that he and Ray Liotta (who's the lead guest on the show tonight) brushed up aginst eachother backstage and decided to move in together to start a family. Love at first sight should also be known as "Colorado's Bootlegs" can't control it and they strike at the most inopportune moments. Wait...huh? Nah, screw it, "Colorado's Bootlegs" it is.

I also saw "First Kiss" in the theatre. My review? A solid "meh". The bottle of wine we snuck into the theatre probably helped. The biggest shocker of the movie was when I finally realized that the lead actress is Jacinda from "Real World: London". Probably my favorite season of all the "Real Worlds" and I had a major crush on her when the show was being aired. Why they cast an unknown actress from Australia to play an American broad is beyond me, but it was good to see Jacinda again. I wish they would've cast Lars or Mike or that dude who wrote his one-man play and performed it on the show. The movie was decent and had a killer soundtrack. Stanicek informed me that all the songs were hand picked by Zach Braff. Whoopdeedoo. So a guy has a good taste in music...that still doesn't explain why I caught Stanicek with a full drawer of Zach Braff underoos. Lose the mancrush dude.

Pasqua bye bye


Josh said...

"The Last Kiss," dude. And ol' Jacinda has been in a few films now. Classics like "Poseidon," "Bridget Jones 2," "Ladder 49" and "Urban Legends: Final Cut."

Russell said...

The more important question is when do we get to be in Jacinda.

Wow. I'm ashamed of myself.