Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quicky Carter

I'll be keeping this one short today because I'm busy and I don't want to talk. Rough day on the job. The kind of day where nothing's going my way and the only thing waiting at home for me is a 1/2 empty bottle of Scotch that I couldn't polish off last night. Things better change. And it better happen fast.

*did any of you read that description of my day and picture a 1950s black and white cop movie?*

This is a recruit we're going after at UGA. His name is Major Wright. Someone needs to tell him that his hair is Major Wrong. ZA ZA ZA ZING!!! "Hey Major, ever seen one of these before?"

In other news, it was announced that Kregg Lumpkin is going to start at RB for Georgia this weekend. Daddy like. Daddy really like. He's been the most consistent running back for UGA this season and I think he's going to make like the North in 1864 and put "a hurtin on them Rebels". I predict Kregg is the starter for the rest of the year and finally puts his knee injury behind him. Let's not forget that Kregg was Matthew Stafford-like when signed and was the starter at the end of his freshman year. Kid's got the goodsy goods.

White Sox are officially eliminated. Sad. I'm sure an extra month of off-season is really breaking their hearts. Year 1 of the 10 year grace period is over for Sox fans. Well, I guess I need to pick a team for the rest of the year...........and I choose...................The D-Rays. These fiesty bastards are going to make a run. What's that? They've already been eliminated? How bout the Pirates? Them too? My reputation as a baseball aficianado precedes me. Go Oilers.


p.s. I say we call Tuesday's "Dry Hump Day"

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