Monday, September 25, 2006

Manic Monday Morning Minute...

In an effort to increase readership on this blog from its current total of 2 (Pasqua and I), we have already resorted to cheap gimmicks. Hence, a new addition the Manic Monday Morning Minute wherein I will provide a brief look back at all that was in the past weekend and offer some nuggets of wisdom so sage, so wise, that the Dalai Lama himself will write them down in his "Gummi Bears" journal which he keeps next to his "Incredibles" Trapper Keeper (he may be a reincarnated guru, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love cartoons).

1) Whew. That was a close one. The feeling we were all experiencing from our seats in Section 311 during the third quarter and early in the fourth at Sanford Stadium can best be described as "handle end of an axe into the stomach-ular region" verging on "Phillips head screwdriver boring into eardrum" (I just read a Home Depot ad, so bear with me on the hardware references). Could our season be over before we even had a chance to blow it in Florida? It just didn't seem right...but the tell-tale signs were there:

  • John searching for anything to ease the pain, "At least it's not an SEC team. Look at this way, we're still in the hunt for the SEC Championship".
  • Carrie resigning herself to a loss and a 100% chance of tears later in the day.
  • Michael refusing to stand and hold four fingers up at the start of the fourth in unison to the strains of "Krypton Fanfare" because "it's just stupid"
  • And I, your humble blog host, trying to formulate my arguments to defend Richt back at our tailgate in the face of mud-slinging Richt-haters Nick and Craft.

But then, something GLORIOUS happened. A savior with an incredibly lampoonable last name took over at QB and marched us down the field on two drives that will live forever in the hearts and minds of Georgia fans (forever=Thursday night, just before we all leave for Ole Miss). And we escape from our own stadium with a win against a still winless team.

I will say that I feel Stafford is taking way too much blame for how the team played. Receivers dropped balls, the play calling was atrocious, etc. However, I think pulling Stafford and inserting Cox (told you it was lampoonable) was the right thing to do, if for nothing else than for the emotional lift and shake up of the offense.

So what does it all mean? It means we got a win and we just won't ever think about this game again. It also means the post-game tailgate was full of laughter and merriment instead of groans and fistfights. It also meant Scott could do this and it garnered the laughter it deserved...

Hartman loses bet - ingests Ralphie

2) Thanks to Dave and Johnathan for linking us on their blogs....though I fear that Pasqua may have something to say about not getting his proper "shout-outs" from Johnathan (incidentally, I love the term "shout-outs", can I still use it even though it stopped being cool around the same time Wham! broke up? And also incidentally....right when I wrote that last line I broke the ' button on my this some sort of curse thrown down upon me by Andrew Ridgely from beyond the grave? Wait, is he dead?). As he said in a emotion-drenched email to me "What am I, chopped blogger?" Johnathan...rectify this immediately or consider myself "on strike" from the podcasts which means no witty remarks about things that have nothing to do with football, no more worthless insight by me about games I couldn't care less about (read: Big Ten, Pac Ten), more college football encyclopedia.

3) Finally...preparations begin for the long trip to Tunica Friday and Oxford, MS on Saturday. If anyone out there has any suggestions regarding the trip (restaurants, sights, etc) please let me know.

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