Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Someone just cried while reading an article...and that someone is Stanicek. Hahaha. Eat it. I think Simmons could've replaced Ripken's name with Palmeiro's and the article still would've worked. It would've enabled him to write another few paragraphs about what a liar he is too.

Also, has anyone ever seen the movie Keane? I enjoyed it but have no idea what the hell was going on. Help.

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adam said...

Never seen "Keane", but the plot reminds me of the Jodi Foster flick "Flightplan", in which Ms. Foster loses her daughter on a transatlantic flight, but no one believes she ever brought a little girl on board. Not a bad flick, but it got predictable. Halfway through it you go, "A-ha!", if you have half a brain. Which I does.

"Keane" seems artsier. And I hate that.