Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hall of Fame Part 2

In what was really only a formality, it was announced today that Cal Ripken, Jr. , the greatest shortstop in baseball history, will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in July. The only dissapointing news is that eight idiotic baseball writers out of 545 failed to include the Iron Man on their ballots and should have their credentials revoked and fingernails removed slowly and methodically. There is absolutely no good reason to leave Ripken or Gwynn off a ballot, the are the definition of a Hall of Famer. These writers were only trying to make a buck and get their face on ESPN...good job fellas you prevented two of the all-around greatest players to ever take the field from making history so you could get blasted by John Kruk on Baseball Tonight...you are all class.

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Meims said...

What a good year of hall of famery it's been for you so far ... and it's only January! Here's hoping that Carrie gets into the Kevin Sorbo Fan Hall of Fame... nominations to be announced soon.