Thursday, January 11, 2007

Whack Jack....

The season premiere of "24" is right around the corner and I have to say...If Jack doesn't get knocked off soon I am going to bail on this show. (Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't seen last season yet) I can't explain to you how dissapointed I was with the season finale last substance, no shock, just the President getting placed in a limo and some stupid red herring "cliffhanger" ending. I commented on this over at JMac's blog last year but with the new season creeping up I thought I would chime in one last time. How great would it have been if at the end of last year when that Chinese official had Jack on his knees, gun to his head...he just pulled the trigger it all goes dark and the season is over?! Fantastic! Fox could continue to ride the Keif-nami by just doing a few prequel seasons...what happened to Jack down in Mexico when he got hooked on smack, that's a season. How did Jack get to CTU in the first place, what sort of wacky missions did he take part in as an up and coming agent, that's a season. But as of right now...this show is going nowhere.

Which brings me to my problem with TV shows in general, particularly serial dramas. The writers have to fill upwards of 25 shows a season which means that really all you need to do is watch the first five and last five episodes of each season...all the rest is just filler and meaningless conundrums that the characters get out of. That's why I can't bring myself to watch any sort of serial drama outside of "Lost" and "24" (sorry "Heroes")...because I know from episode 6 to 20, no matter how exciting it looks, nothing is going to happen. Why force yourself to watch 25 hours of programming when a movie crams as much plot into two hours? TV shows drraaaggggg themselves out waaaaaayyyy too long. And as for "Lost"...if it goes past 5 seasons I might have to take the train to "See ya-ville". I can't justify spending thousands of hours of my life watching a show that gets so convulted and drawn out that I don't even understand the end even when it comes (see: X-Files).

Unless you are referring to "30 Rock", "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and any episode of "The Office" that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do whatsoever with Jim loving Pam and vice versa.

So shake it up "24", kill Jack, do prequels, break the mold, go the distance, do the Dew and other associated and various slogans and/or cliches.


Josh said...

I've seen the first four episodes of the new season, and even though I know they'll have little to nothing to do with what ACTUALLY happens in the end, I freakin' loved them.

I have always said that "24" should actually be called "16," so they could do away with at least eight hours of the meaningless stretches they often take.

Doug said...

"30 Rock" is freaking hilarious. It's good to see somebody else give the show its due props.

Fryman said...

Read the following article about what the Lost guys say about ending the show - it sounds like they agree with you and don't want it to turn into X-Files either