Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This is how ya do it

Well crafted argument by one of my favorite writers. I wish I could explain myself so clearly. Long live the BCS!!!


adam said...

Very nice.

And an Ohio State couch burnin' joke for good measure.

Josh said...

Ok, I read the whole thing. And now I think you AND Klosterman are functionally retarded.

Stanicek said...

This is grade A, #1 bow-log-nah. Establishing an 8 team BCS playoff would 1) insure that a true champion was found, 2) still preserve all the other bowls, 3) not deter whatsoever from the regular I've said before it is BillSimmons-esque (my new term for severe mental retardation) that college football is set up so that well over half the teams playing know that even if they win ALL OF THEIR GAMES they have ABSOLUTELY ZERO CHANCE of even getting a shot at the national championship. It's astoudingly BillSimmonsian.

adam said...

Playoffs are boring.

See: MLB in October

I'd rather keep the regular season and do away with all bowls rather than see a playoff. Just let the SEC Championship Game be the last game of the year. It's the only championship that matters anyway.