Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Picks, Round 2

So I OWN the American League and whiffed on the National League...sue me...the D-Backs and Rockies?! Ouch. I'm sure, somewhere, Bud Selig is weeping over all the ratings numbers he has lost. Phils-Cubs would have been choked in drama, intrigue, nationwide appeal...and we get D-Backs-Rockies. Now for me - I don't really care, I just want to see a good series...I can appreciate pretty much any matchup. I have my favorites (Troy "Little Cal" Tulowitzki) and I have my enemies (Eric "Hey is that a camera that I'm not on?!" Byrnes), so I'll be just fine. But I can see where people will tune out, hell, Arizona is pulling an Atlanta and hasn't even sold out Games 1 and 2 yet! When your own team has only been to the playoffs twice and you can't sell out - you know your team lacks appeal. Anyway - on wit da picks.

Indians over Red Sox in 7 - now you may think this is a biased pick because I think the Red Sox are a festering pile of runny, noxious, repellant bodily discharge but that's only partially true. The Indians will be tossing four games of CC and Fausto at the Red Sox and no matter how good Beckett is...I see Beckett v. CC being a split...Fausto takes his two over Dice-K, and then it's just a matter of Westbrook or Byrd winning one out of 3...and Athens' own Jake Westbrook is up to that challenge. Tribe prevails over the forces of evil.

D-Backs over Rockies in 6 - I have picked against the Rockies at every turn this season -said they would lose out on a playoff spot, said they had NO chance of beating Peavy in the one game playoff, was POSITIVE J-Roll and Ryan Howard were going to club them like little bastard baby seals...and yet they're still here. Now they go up against the D-Backs, a team with fans that apparently couldn't give a flip about them and with a roster that barely anyone outside of Buster Olney's circle of friends knows. But I'm nothing if not consistent...so I'm going with the D-Backs...and again I'm going to say its because of pitching. Webb...Livan...and Doug Davis...yeah, I just said Doug Davis is an asset - you got a problem with that? Compare that with Francis, Jimenez and Morales and I got to go with the staff comprised of a Cy Young winner and a former NLCS and World Series MVP. I know Jimenez and Francis have looked strong down the stretch but this run has to come to an end...right?

So there it is....MLB and Fox's worst nightmare...an Indians-D-Backs World Series.

On another note - I stopped putting pictures in the blog - does it really make a difference? I used to try to find funny little pictures and put in funny little captions, but it got to be time consuming and really...I just didn't want to do it anymore. Let me know via the poll on the right if you want pictures back.


Carrie said...

I LIKE PICTURES! But no links. I don't like links. Too much work. I need my laughs all in one package without having to open another box to know what people are talking about. And what is with this word recognition thing?

Josh said...

After having them on my fantasy team all year, I feel like the father of Grady Sizemore and Fausto Carmona. We've been working together toward a common goal, but now it's time for them to go off on their own. I've run alongside their bikes, steadied them and then - RELEASE! But I'm watching like a proud papa, hoping they come out on top, yelling at them the whole way. "Grady! Fausto! My sons! Fight the good fight! And don't lose to the Red Sox, or I will beat you to death with my belt buckle! I love you!"

Stanicek said...

Ahhh emotional, heart-felt but violent love...the only kind I've ever known.