Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just fricking...AWESOME...

Joe Torre says, "Go F yourself Yankees". Just a fantastic and ballsy move on his part. Now I don't know what side of the fence I come down on the "Is Torre a great manager" issue - but I do believe that he is the best fit for managing the Yankees. You don't just need baseball know-how there you have to deal with 1) hellish media, 2) obnoxious fans, 3) unrealistic expectations, 4) 24-7 basically like coaching football for Georgia - except instead of 1 million loyal followers you have 456 million worldwide.

Mob scene at Yankee Stadium just because Torre called for a bunt in the second inning against the Royals on June 13th, 2004.

I wish I could have been there when they said - "here you go Joseph - one year, incentive laced deal...if you make the World Series you're back for another year" and he just said "World Series this" and flipped a lit match onto the board room table on which he had secretly spilled 2.6 gallons of ignites, he turns, dons some shades, then walks to the hallway as the executives burst into flame and tells a passing youngster "now that's what I call a hot streak". Yep. That's how it went down.

The scene in the Yankee's executive offices in Tampa, seconds after Torre walked out

In other news - the Indians better win tonight or I'm going to jump into a vat of boiling peanut oil. Check out that and other observations in this month's "Tim Kellys overreactions to seemingly insignificant events".


Carrie said...

I'm speechless. That is a classic post.

Meimi said...

POLL: Should I break up the text of my posts with text about subjects that are not baseball-related again?