Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So true....

This is an interesting, if a little obvious, story.

Sure there were money issues but Scheurholz always seems to make things works when he wants to make them work and he just didn't seem to want to go the distance to make sure Tommy stayed around to finish his career with the Braves. The thing was - Glavine wasn't asking for a ridiculous salary when free agency rolled around a few years ago - less than what Smoltz had already signed for....but the Braves backed down, the Mets took over, and the pennants stopped being hung at Turner. Definitely one of the few huge mistakes Scheurholz has made during his tenure in Atlanta.

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Josh said...

I'm one degree away from Glavine, and I can attest this is true. Glavine really wanted to resign with the Braves, and didn't get as much as a sniff from Schuerholz. That's what always pisses me off when Braves "fans" boo Glavine. He didn't have a choice.

And no, I ain't commenting on the meat thing.