Thursday, September 20, 2007


So the Pennant Race is HEATING UP! Who would have thunk it would be this good a few weeks ago. So quickly here's how it will shakedown, methinks:

AL East
1) Yankees
WC) Red Sox

-Of course this is the fan in me - I am praying ever dang night that the Red Sox lose this division...why? Because I hate the Red Sox and yes I know it will cause more whining Red Sox fans to pipe up and say they are cursed again but you know what, I'm fine with that as long as they are all in agony and know that I am laughing at them. I'll deal with their incessant whining when all of us are sitting at home watching the World Series together.

AL Central
1) Indians

-A no brainer. Tigers are kaput.

AL West
1) Angels


NL East
1) Mets

- As bad as it looked yesterday at this time - a win last night and a loss by the Phils went MILES towards getting them the division crown. Now they're up 2 1/2 with 10 to play - they'll win enough to get the job done and the Phils are goin' home.

NL Central
1) Cubs

- I would love, LOVE for the Brewers to win's my attachment to hard-luck franchises I guess...but now that Sheets is gimpy there is no way even Prince Fielder can carry a team throwing Suppan, Bush, Capuano, Vargas, Gallardo (even though he's been pretty dang good) and whoever else they find in the scrap heap.'s the pitching of Ted Lilly and Jason Marquis that pull the Cubs through.

NL West
1) Padres
WC) D-Backs

- Padres are ONNN FIRE! Hell, even Bret Tomko is pitching well for them...BRET TOMKO! And if you've played fantasy baseball and been seduced by the Tomko siren song - you know how astounding that is. The young, upstart D-backs fade.

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Carrie said...

Tim, did you see that the ad on your poll is for Red Sox tickets!! You're indirectly supporting the cursed ones! Right, they are cursed, right?