Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Athens Local Commercials...Learn 'em, Love 'em...

Thanks to Athens World for spurring this little post....I have to hand it to the local merchants here in town...they put out some freaky little commercials. From the hilarious to the hilariously awful, my heart always leaps with excitement when I sense one of these bad boys coming on. Sadly, many of the best have not been posted on the YouTube, but below I've assembled all that I could find. If only the, I'm sure, techno-savvy folks at Alewine Salvage and Wrecking would post their "Junk Monkey" a twist ending that not even Shyamalan could have seen coming.

[One more notable omission - the junkie ad for Musician's warehouse ("he got hooked on the son's a discount junkie!!") - I love the acting in that spot - ten times more convincing than anything Josh Hartnett has done]

1) Music Exchange - this is the new spot, unfortunately the old spot with the cartoon band playing the ad out has been dispensed with...fortunately the timeless jingle remains.

2) Uncle Otto's (Formerly Achim's K-Bob) - Classic song, classic style. I dare you to get this jingle out of your head.

3) Vision Video - good quality - stirring narrative - happy ending - I'm not ashamed to admit I cried for several hours after this was through.

4) Club Oasis - have to admit I have never seen this ad nor heard of the establishment but good lord...did you see the cash that kid is flashing? AND it's named after a favorite band of mine (it is named in loving tribute of the Brothers Gallagher correct?)!

5) Krystal - doesn't technically count as a local commercial but still - you have to respect Krystal going for the not-at-all subtle lesbian crack at the opening. And as an interesting sidebar - I was asked to be in one of these commercials during filming last year and flat-out rejected those SOBs because I can't think of many things more repellent than the menu offerings at Krystal.

And finally....

An REM video - just because it was lumped in with all the other Athens commercials when I did the search and when presented with a kickass REM video you always got to play it.


Josh said...

You've never been to Quarter Night at Club Oasis? And you call yourself an Athenian?! Maya and I are there every week. She likes it because it's crunk. I like it because it's dope.

Pasqua said...

Has anyone done more for the orange unibrow movement than Stipe? It's an interesting debate and I'd like to know your thoughts.