Monday, February 12, 2007

I've got nuthin

Well, I really don't have much to say so I figured I'd do one of those random hodgepodge posts that have very little rhyme or reason.

  • Can't wait to check out Half Nelson tomorrow. Ever since Roeper and Ebert fill-in Kevin Smith basically said that they'd give their first born to see this movie again, I've been amped up for this release. Plus, it's got an Oscar nomination for Yep.
  • Nice work by my counterpart getting everyone amped up (yes, I just used "amped" twice in back to back bullet points) about UGA baseball and then the team goes and gets swept this past weekend. Speaking of dissapointing UGA news...
  • Mike Mercer going down may have ended the basketball team's chance at a tourney appearance. That injury literally broke my heart. After hearing the stories of him shooting with one hand in an empty gym for hours on end showed the dedication and how much trust he had in Coach Felton. Sure, he's been a bit hyper on the floor but he's the best athlete we've got. Poor Mike Mercer.
  • Does anyone else wonder if Steve Newman isn't kicking himself for not coming out early last year? This year's draft class is going to be stacked and it's going to really hurt where he gets taken.
  • Like I've been saying all along, anyone who was dissapointed in UGA's 2007 recruiting class need not worry about skill players in the upcoming recruiting season. So far, UGA has recieved verbals from 3 of the Top 100 players in the country according to and we're in the lead for some other highly touted players. The best of the bunch is this kid, AJ Green out of South Carolina...could be the #1 overall high school player in the nation when it's said and done-ski.
  • I officially admit that SNL has lost it. Though SNL traditionally goes through ups and downs, this season is pretty brutal. There are lights at the end of the tunnel in Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig...who I have a crush on. All they need are some funny writers, a better supporting cast, and some good recurring characters. I came up with the solution...holla at me Lorne. What kind of name is that anyways?


Josh said...

Netflix just alerted me to the fact Half Nelson will be in my mailbox tomorrow. Goodtime celebration hour!

Josh said...

And no - pet peeve alert - Mercer's injury did not literally break your heart. Dammit.

adam said...


"Dick in a Box" was funny.

But that's about it.