Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shhhh....it's a secret...

So you might have noticed that we haven't gotten around to posting in ohhh...I don't know...let's just say "awhile". Well now that all that law school business is out of the way I figured it was time to going back to what I do adequately to slightly less than adequately...write completely pointless paragraphs on these computering screens about baseball and UGA and movies and what-not so literally ones of you can read them.

And, yes, I do realize that hardly anyone checks this anymore and you know what I say to that? Good! Good riddance! We've cleared out the deadweight, streamlined the readership and now its "damn the mother f-in' torpedoes, full speed ahead!" So sit back and relax cause I'll be back to posting semi to maybe even just plain regularly.

First up...my complex and thorough evaluation of what each and every MLB playoff contender has to do if they hope to make it to the World Ser...hey! Where are you going!? Dammit!

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